Writing an effective radio station and promo for today's market

Look around and see what you see? Ipods®, mini Ipods®, mobile phones, satellite radio, internet radio and Tivo®.

Am I glad to be in the radio industry today? Ever since I entered the radio world in 1976, I saw the landscape change, but some stations have changed over time. There was no noticeable change in the liner department. The same attack plan as ever. Find the sound, cut some lines every week for freshness, and that's it. Creativity is the program director (PD) who is doing enough work for two people.

Most PDs have creative fruit juice after the meeting. You need a creative force on your side. He is a member of a team that is not in the daily grind, but from the outside with an objective view.

Scott has been watching the market share of traditional radio stations in the last twenty years to fall further than newer video games, better ipod® devices, and the technology that is still being implemented, to find the way to reality. Promotions, lining and cruising ships are not the things that you write because they are funny or creative, because they fit the station's "big picture" concept. As the music "feels", so lining and other elements.

The need for creativity in the radio industry has never been greater.

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