Workplace Communication – What about sarcasm?

Sarcasmus: This is a customary pattern of behavior that weakens teamwork. If you want sarcastic comments in the name of fun, this article is for you. Now ask yourself why you do it?

Is that funny fun a way to laugh at people?

Please note that it requires a lot of attention at the expense of others.

Does the widest comment on how to find points?

Notice that getting the upper hand means someone else feels.

Is the remark that the camouflage of a serious observation is not necessarily suitable?

Then you will realize that your intended purpose will not grasp, and if so, you may not be too motivated to do anything.

The sad truth is that sarcasm gives you more than just targeted people. (Read this line again.)

Families, expert groups and work teams often make sarcastic rumors as a way to communicate with each other. Sometimes one or two people take these jokes. But here is a news, the bunch destroys connections and reduces productivity over time. Repetitive victims of sarcasm may suffer silently, not speak and re-attack. As motivation and morale are eroded, the team's interoperability deteriorates.

So stop it.

When that sarcastic remark is in your mind, do not speak out loud. Rather than applying sarcasm to people laughing, humor needs to be cared for that do not require sacrifices. If you are concerned, take direct observation and ask for an open discussion.

And if you're the victim of sarcasm, here are some tips you can end up with. First, if someone makes a sarcastic comment on you, do not ignore it or make it happen. Look at them and break. Then repeat what they said literally. It might sound like this: "Bob, I thought I heard you say that an idiot could write this report." Wait. Bob is likely to protest being joked or having no sense of humor. It is a common custom that sarcastic people protect the use of sarcasm. Do not react. Instead, he says, "If you are worried about the report, I'm happy to talk to you." Answer Bob's sarcastic remarks, repeating exactly what he said and let the comment jump in the air and explain it.

Not at all, Bob realizes that he is not the passive victim, once scared, and someone else moves. When you do this, be sure to teach them this technique.

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