WKYS 93.3 FM Hip Hop Online Radio for the Nation's Capital

WKYS is best at Hip Hop at Washington D.C. territory.

If you like great hip-hop music, you can set the radio switch up to 93.3 FM tuning. For years, WKYS has chosen the People's Capitol for hip-hop music. 93.3 plays the best hip hop music and artists. WKYS also plays continuous rhythms and does not listen to students regardless of whether they are endless or endless. DC residents want great hip hop and 93.3.

Those who love great hip hop hold the radio here. Kiss FM is playing the best hip-hop music on the Washington DC radio stations. All the best hip-hop artists were featured, just like those who are preparing for the hip-hop scene. 93.3 works to keep a variety of music streams and it works to make new songs play. WKYS also has several art interviews. You can continue your ears at your favorite hip-hop artist and find out when they are doing another project.

WKYS students get much more than great music. They get the latest music news and events. Information about the latest concerts that has reached the area is first broadcast on 93.3 FM. All you need to know about tickets, locations and dates will be available as soon as possible. It does not matter whether it's a small show at Lincoln Theater or a big concert in the RJF stadium. Kiss FM will be there for the first time to get all the information you need.

WKYS also promotes the Washington DC club scene. If there are any entertainment events taking place in any of the Washington DC nightclubs, then 93.3 will be there to inform you.

For the sake of hip hop music and entertainment, DC's choice is clear. 93.3 Kiss FM offers the best music and entertainment news in the capital city. If you want the hip hop to be the best, stay tuned to 93.3 FM.

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