Wireless Intercom Review

This wireless intercom review helps you choose a smart wireless intercom system. There are a limited number of wireless door phones in the market so choice is not as difficult as choosing other types of consumer goods. There are only three wireless intercom systems.

Powerline Carrier Intercom

A wireless intercom is not really wireless. Copy and take over his house over the wires. Westinghouse does one of them. Radio Shack also has a FM, but FM (frequency modulation) intercom (I think Westinghouse keeps the Radio Shack door phone private, so it's the same product). FM frequencies are transmitted and received, but this is through power lines.

These network barcode doorbells can work well, but more than half of the people using them are disrupted. One problem with these systems is how the house is found to be wired. 220 Volt arrives in his house and 220 is divided into two 110 V phases; Half of his house is connected to one phase and half of the other half. The problem is that the FM signal does not usually pass through the phases, or if it does, it does not do much. So the intercoms can work well in half of the house, and not at all or badly, in the other half. The other problem with these network line intercoms is that there may be devices connected that cause interference with the FM signal. Microwaves can be one of the worst offenders. These devices can make the handsfree unusable. Although these intercoms are inexpensive and you can try to see if they work in the house, it is not recommended in a commercial environment. There are only two devices in the office or industrial environment that make them useless.

900 Mega Hertz Wireless Intercom

The other system is the WireFree 900MHz wireless intercom system. As the name suggests, wirelessly transmits it to the 900 MHz frequency range. This is the only true wireless system on the market. Not the only one that transmits air waves wirelessly, but this is the only one that works with a battery. So it not only communicates through your home or business lines, but it does not even connect to it unless you choose to buy an optional AC adapter.

The WireFree system is unique because it contains many inexpensive elements, with a wireless doorphone system. Portable doorphone units that are sitting on the surface of a table, desk or counter. This device has two styles, one for the WireFree Extreme Range system. It transmits and accepts the same distance as the non-extreme range. Both are maximum 1000 feet, but depending on the environment, it is more likely to be within range of 300 feet. Both units have the same function.

The WireFree system features a waterproof outdoor doorbell phone that can be used at the front door to talk about the door. The beautiful thing that is in the unit, people at the door press the button and they can talk freely.

There is also a waterproof outdoor door phone that can be used in any outdoor installation. This intercom requires the push buttons for each transmission. You can lay it on the wall, or put the rubber on the toe and use it from the inside if you want. The beautiful part means that it has only one big button that makes it easier to use.

The WireFree system also has a built-in door phone that can make installation more personalized. To do this, you need to cut a hole in the wall, but it also powers the battery, so there is no need for wiring. All WireFree units have a lifetime of 1 to 2 years and therefore do not require much battery replacement.

The WireFree system has Monitor and VOX functionality that does not have all wireless intercoms. The monitor is like a baby monitor mode. The difference is that he is not constantly watching. The microphone only switches on when you hear a sound that is loud enough to turn on the microphone. There are three different sensitivity settings for the microphone, but even in the most sensitive environment, it will not work well with weak sounds that are more than a meter away from the microphone. For some applications in Monitor mode, the disadvantage is that every time the microphone is activated, a beep sounds on the receiving side. If this is what kids are watching, it will get pretty pounding

If you put WireFree in VOX mode, if someone calls the unit from VOX mode from another unit, then Talk. One problem that is shared by bi-directional radios that have VOX is that there is a slight delay in transmission while the VOX circuit turns on the transmit microphone. Experienced radio operators know how to overcome this by repeating the first or two words, but this delay for the average person is a little disappointing.

One of the unique features of the WireFree system is its ability to conduct private conversations. Measurements must be "taught" with each other. If it's done, even if our neighbors enjoy the same unit of measure, they can not listen to or talk to their own. When WireFree broadcasts a page, the WireFree system creates a private conversation between the broadcaster and the respondent, so all other units can not hear the conversation.

MURS Wireless Intercom

Even a wireless door phone system is not so much a manufacturer's system, it's a compilation of wireless intercoms and bi-directional radios. This "system" is based on compatible products on MURS radio frequencies. MURS Multi-Use Radio Service and two-way radio service consisting of five frequencies in the VHF (Very High Frequency) spectrum. Contrary to most frequencies in the VHF range, MURS does not require an FCC license to operate.

Although there are only 5 channels, each channel can choose from 38 "silent code" or sub-channels, the other user's conversations on this channel. The radios listen to the conversation on the same channel and silent code. In most areas, MURS frequencies are very easy to use so you will not find much competition for air blowers.

The biggest advantage of MURS is supply. Some manufacturers require four miles. Of course, this range is a viewing angle and there are no obstacles between the intercoms. You can increase distance with these intercoms by adding an external, high gain antenna to your home, business, or even the top of your car when using a particular unit.

For MURS, it is good to have manual bi-directional radios, commercial base stations and outdoor intercoms / callers and motion detectors that send a verbal warning message to other MURS devices. For business, industrial or commercial applications, the MURS system is excellent because it can overcome many application interference and obstacles.

If you need a wireless PA (public address) system, a wireless PA device will work with all MURS radios. For retail businesses that provide services directly to our customers, there is also a wireless MURS tool that allows customers to press a button and recall a forwarded fixed message for help.

Because any manufacturer can create a MURS wireless device if you want to close any product selected by a particular vendor.

Chooses any wireless door phone system, provides you with comfort and security that can be quickly installed without any problems.

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