Wireless Advertisement Commands – Part 2

In my last article we stopped at the command of Radios 4. Choosing the Right Music Bed

If you create a radio key that is the biggest bang then all the words "comfortably" sit on the music bed (background music). You can first record the speech and try to match the music, but it is much smoother when selecting the right music from the go-go.

Generally, I'm doing a few different numbers, my head. What I'm looking for is the music bed that is going on and a good rhythm in reading.

I want to be sure that if I choose a giant sale for a limited time, music is exciting and powerful music "comments" (where certain words are blocked by a music punch or stop)

When I find the sound you want, you have to write the scene, taking care to take advantage of the various musical modulation, punches and "holes" (silence) where every keyword is as fast as possible.

Believe me when a well-written venue gets married on a big music bed, the fireworks happen and the students not only hear it – they feel it!

They say let me tell you that the best commercials I've ever been with did not have my music bed!

In these cases, power is entirely the invitation, who was able to take over all the cherry-picked words and make it for themselves.

The best "cold voice" (without music) rad Advertisement was the least word, the most significant and the strongest emotions. Now you can think that male advertisers dominate the waves and you're right. But there are some women's voices that do incredible work.

Which brings the No. 5 Radio Command. You Choose the Right Thing for Radios for Trade

While great copywriting can be a successful radio campaign, this is the invitation who opens the door!

There are many great vocalists in the market, but unfortunately there are few who understand the importance of verbal predilection. The innate ability to pass passionate words easily around and gather all syllables, heated and euphoric, captures your attention and money.

These are the glossaries you need to search for.

How do you find these voices? A good starting point for the internet. Just enter "voice over talent" and you'll find plenty of demos for the interview. How will you know who is good? Just listen. If they move – let's name their email and find out what they offer. In some cases you may find someone who is also a full-length writer.

It is often asked whether the male advertiser is better than a female speaker.

I think it depends a lot on selling it. For example, it would be difficult to use a man's voice when I sell menstrual pads. Nor can I find it less convincing if a female voice sells the stores.

Interestingly, I think women can avoid selling more products than men – but I think men have a much more serious and convincing presence.

What I'm into the 6th Radio Command You Do not Believe in Your Product

There is nothing more than radio spots that are dragging away with the composers. Spot after the useless, convincing loss to buy this, call here, shop, and the most redundant and pathetic of all … quality, service and price!

Is there any business that is not quality, service, and price? ANGER. Well … hmm, maybe the banks. Let's face the facts. Everyone has the right mind at the lowest possible price and wants the best quality and service. It's enough!

The fact that the radio device has to invoke these feelings without having to write it.

Remember – this is a classic place that means your quality. make sure you always do a little more for your customers, says they are on duty.

And if the student knows the difference between the regular price and the selling price, do not have any objections to the prices.

In other words, it sounds unbelievable when you echo the same amount of unnecessary information as everyone else. Faithfulness occurs when truth prevails.

can sell $ 2. shirts, and pretend to be great or something like "… and we're stuck with these gentle, really high quality 100% baby-soft cotton shirts that, due to some mistakes, are some imperfect dyeing, that no one really noticed and heh, $ 2. it can not be totally wrong, then come before he regrets … that he is not … "- blah blah …

The fact of conversation and front voice, introduces the announcer "I am your friend, listen to me – I recommend you advice" space. And it works.

believable. Real. It's Reliable and Convincing

This means you've only got one excited new buyer.

With this radio command I got number 7 You use the radio to create friends and build courage

Relationship with students is a long-term commitment and important to today's and tomorrow's sales. But getting on the radio is more than just a serious front. Spots may occasionally be humorous at times. As long as it makes sense to deliver the truth.

It's a fact that humor is a wonderful tool because it's fun and radio is in the entertainment industry. Yes, I know that the talking radio is very serious and not entertaining, but it's just on the surface.

But to use humor. It's a great way to grab somebody's attention, win someone, and keep up with friends and potential customers. But that can be against you either.

It is true that the most successful and award-winning radio advertisements that used humor left many people scratching their heads and trying to remember the advertiser. One such "is so funny that I did not get the product I was selling".

What's wrong? Simple. The name of the product is not closely linked to the puncture line or line

The least you ever want to hear is the name or business name of the product and it is related to the feeling it feels. One day when a student has to decide between a product or service and another. What they are doing is the one who "feels good" to them and offers him the feeling of a trusted friend. People are firmly connected to the radio station. Start with a breakfaster who talks to you in their own bathroom when you are drying up with a shower or a shave and naked for breakfast music.

All morning information will be provided to you. Some people also get in and store in the subconscious. And they are safely guided through the breakfast destination. The warning for upcoming storms, smiles and the like

It happens every working day and even on weekends – 365 days a year! It's amazing how over time, radio is the key to the best media, which dissolves the student's inhibition and creates the place of trust in their lives?

Talk about trust. Your students are not the only ones you want to win.

In my next article, I will discuss the 8th Radio Command.

You use the radio to build strong business alliances.

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