Why should quality leaders be STRATEGY?

Why, in such a small percentage, the people who are in the leadership position will ever continue to become a meaningful, true leader? While there are many reasons, one of the most often – often witnesses – many of the unsuccessful do not have a vivid, vital vision that leads them in a positive direction, in advance, and somehow seem to believe, merely elevate or elect or elect, leading position, ready to make the difference better! On the other hand, quality leaders recognize and acknowledge that they have little or no effect, can be achieved and / or realized until, unless valuable, relevant, sustainable, sustainable, develop, possess, and believe STRATEGY. This article tries to briefly examine, discuss, examine and consider using a memorable approach, some key needs, and so on.

first System; service; Sustainable Solutions: One of the strategies should focus on delivering the highest quality service, meaning that it uses a system that is not short-term but populist solutions.

2nd It is timely: Although we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the group and avoid duplication of mistakes, it is imperative to focus, go beyond, blame and complain in the past, in a well thought out, relevant and sustainable way .

3rd Relevant; susceptible; realistic: Too few groups have to consider time and create the best strategic plan possible. The strategy must indeed be relevant and respond to obstacles to address these challenges in a realistic and sustainable way that takes into account the potential consequences and alternatives

. Warning; articulated: How can one create and develop a quality strategy unless he is objectively raising the picture? The true leader must be self-confident, motivating, honest and confident, moving forward and formulating his position, thinking, and strategic plan.

5th Trends; together: After examining which trends in a particular group may be appropriate and relevant, it is up to a true leader to gather people and standardize them for common prosperity rather than using a polarization and / or opposing approach

6 . Empathy; emphasis; energy; excellence: The leader should address the perception, needs, goals, priorities, and best interests of the group and creators, and consequently lead to the highest degree of true empathy. Use this to focus on energizing others to join him to strive for greater excellence

. Growth; generate goodwill: Organizations need to grow steadily or they will not be sustainable! If a leader intends to pursue a strategy, he must do his best to do his best to create his goodwill not only with his mere rhetoric and promises, but with his actions and focus.

8th You; you: If you want to achieve quality goals, you must be ready to assume your personal responsibility and focus on how your strategy can work effectively!

Will you keep strategy? Are you ready, are you up to the task?

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