Why do you have to hack your ability to be a great guitar player?

Fighting to become a great guitar player, if you do not have any hopping skills. But probably not for the same reasons …

Most guitarists think that ear training only refers to the identification of notes, chords, or scales … but that's far more than that! Developing a good ears for guitarists also means that we are able to hear your mistakes while playing fast. This will help you fix errors that only occur at high speeds (not at slow speeds) to help improve your technique. A good-eared guitarist can hear the unpleasant game mistakes, identify the notes that are slim and why they are negligible.

Use the following build-up training to correct bugs in the game:

Step One – Choose a phrase, bug or riff that has no more than 10 notes you want to fix.

Step Two – Determine the speed of playback of the selected item in the previous step. Use metronome to reach the exact tempo

Step Three – Reduce the tempo at 5-8 strokes per minute and play the battery for one minute without stopping. As long as you do this, focus your attention on a particular note. Be sure to listen to the errors or imperfections of that remark.

4th Step – Think critically about what causes any errors in the comment you were in the previous step. Play along the item again while making any necessary changes to find the error (s) that caused the note to sound confusing

Fifth Step – Continue the practical element for one minute without stopping while . Use this to identify the fine bugs you do not normally play.

Repeat this process as often as necessary until you have cleared each comment for the exercise you choose. Then, set the metronome to the speed at which the errors originally appear and re-perform this exercise. The more you repeat this exercise, the stronger your ear is to identify the bugs in the game.

Practice this creative approach consistently and watch how your guitar playing will be cleaner and clearer than any workload. Let's do this for a few weeks or months, and the guitar is going to a new level where it's easy to play.

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