What is personal development?

Here is a brief overview

Personal development, different things for different people. Ultimately personal development places the focus on the development or refinement of skills, abilities, attitudes and awareness for personal goals. Category Personal development covers various areas of human activity and can be used for business and financial growth. Socially Personal development can be used to improve social relationships with friends' family or colleagues, partners, and employees.

Personal development in a nutshell

If you want to do things in your personal and career life, Brian Tracy

Summing up personal development in one sentence, we can say that personal development is a way of identifying challenges, finding solutions and responding or acting or behavior. everyday life or business. Personal development is about self-change or effective change in corporate procedures to better address the environment.

"Believe that you have basic goodness, which is the basis of the magnitude that you ultimately can achieve." Les Brown

Value-oriented considerations

Many of the value-oriented aspects of personality development live in the realm of spirituality, focusing on individual social focus on improving social and environmental relations, implementing actions above personal self-control, such as behavioral changes or future constraints. level, perseverance, interest, study, and self-discipline are common themes. Personal development can include personal mastering and communication, developing leadership skills, and so on.

Generally, personal development is by cultivating a progressive attitude, studying and applying appropriate forms of success, whether in the form of corporations or individuals. A large part of the study of personal development comes from people who have achieved significant growth in person or business.

Success leaves the clues.

Early founders of modern state-of-the-art personal development have studied and cataloged the process of success and implementation. Significant progress has been made in documenting the process of personal success stories. Napoleon Mountains are undeniably the forerunners of modern personal development. He founded our current researcher, practitioner and coach generation such as superstar Anthony Robbins

Here are some general topics in personal development

Identity Development or Renewal

Efforts are fulfilling / implementing dreams

Behavioral Change / Conditioning

Motivation development – inspiration

Improving self-awareness

Improving your lifestyle or improving your quality of life

Improving employability

Identifying and investing potential

Financial development

Developing strength or talent

Personal and Professional Mastery – Learning Techniques or Methods to Win

Checking Life


Developing self-knowledge

Development of personal development plans

Increasing awareness or defining the lifestyle chosen

Integrating Social Identity with Identity

Increasing awareness or prioritizing

Development Goal

Increasing awareness or defining the values ​​of an individual

Development Goal


Increasing awareness or defining ethics

Strategy and Realization of Dreams, Efforts, Career and Lifestyle Priorities

Developing personal discipline

Personal Development Goal / Financial Performance

Developing a Professional Opportunity

Developing talents

Integrity Development

Set destination

Development of individual competencies

More care

How to learn from experience?

Time Management

Develop mature interpersonal relationships

Creating Identity

Improving the quality of life (in areas such as health, wealth, culture,

family, friends, and communities)

Learning Techniques or Methods to Increase Consciousness

Developing competence

Achieving autonomy and interdependence


Treatment of emotions

Learning Techniques or Methods to Obtain Wisdom

Communication Skills

Personal development is a philosophical practice

Personal development can also be applied to the following disciplines, whether in practice metaphorically or philosophically



Qi gong


Martial arts

The altruistic aspects of personal development

Some of the less self-contained elements of personal development are Parallels with the spiritual traditions of the world. It would be a good example of eightfold path of Buddhism focusing on the development of skills such as:

Right View

Better Intent

Good speech

Better action

Legitimate livelihood

Better effort

Great attention

Better concentration

Look at the right-hand view of Parallels

that this may be similar to openness, beliefs, the continuous knowledge of techniques or methods to arouse awareness and attentiveness.

It is a better intention to compare values, or effort, to an approach that is mutually beneficial for general and greater good.

Better Intentions are Personal Perspectives, which is considered to increase awareness of your deeds and to adjust them to greater goodness. For better speech and personal development, this would be a communication skill. Communication skills can also include internal dialogue as a positive speech.

Better action, this is considered to be eye-catching, personal integrity, and wisdom.

Good living, it would be related to lifestyle, as I am to improve the quality of life, career and ethical employment, etc.

Better effort, this would be related to commitment to discipline

Appropriate attention, similar to thinking …

… And finally, it is comparable to the practice of better concentration, purity, focus, and discipline.

So where are you going? And what does it take?

Enter a field of life you want to work …

1 Create a vision

2 prepare a plan

3 Actions for Your Plans

We Commit to Changing Daily Activities

Find a system or program that promotes your growth, in some cases it means reading related materials, books, blogs on websites, or in other cases this is my report to join affiliated clubs or courses, etc. an own image that complements your purpose / vision.

Not immediate solutions, quick fixes, or magical formulas for personal development – personal growth, awareness of personal growth and growth. Obviously, the two above conditions are fulfilled – the awareness of the need for personal growth – and the desire for growth will succeed in finding the following tools:





These tools are launched in the chosen area of ​​personal development / growth.

It puts us in the creative power inside us the image we are paying attention to. "

Wallace Delois Wattles [19659002] Here are two typical examples of personal development practice:

First example

Renewal of self-images

First of all, to be successful in the area of ​​personal development / growth. There are two things you need to do to identify and define an area that you want to develop in a timely fashion, so you want a promotion

Develop a picture of yourself about your end or your ideal state –

What will you do looks like

How do you feel yourself?

Make it a new self-image every day

Example 2

Below is a thought and enrichment of a Napoleon hill extract, Hill describes the six steps required to expose what one desires as a burning desire to reach their goal. In this example, steps are related to money, but with creative editing, this formula can be applied anywhere in the reach of the goal

. "First, fix the amount of money you need in your mind," I need a lot of money. "Be definite about the amount. (There is a psychological reason for definiteness, which is described in a later chapter) See the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

Secondly, what you want to change for your desires (There is no such reality as something for nothing.) Third: Set a definite date when you want your desired money

Fourth, Make a definite plan to execute your desire and start it as ready

Fifth: Write a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you are getting, name the deadline for obtaining it, write down what you intend to do in return for the money, and clearly describe the plan you want it to go through collect

sixth. Read your written statement aloud, twice a day zer, just before the night retirement and once after I got up in the morning.

Napoleon Hill 13 Principles of Success:

Desire, Faith, Auto-Suggestion, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Endurance, Master's Mind, Transmutation, Subconscious Mind, Brain and Sixth Sensation 19659002] There is an indispensable work on the thought and richness of Napoleon Hill – 19659002] Everything that man achieves and what he does not achieve is a direct result of himself. "

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