What intelligent leaders should give priority to

You are committed to engaging in a leadership position and becoming the best leader, you may become a leader! Before anyone is able to determine the best course of action to make the organization the best and most enjoyable to find out or be ready to know what strategies and approaches are, what it wants to achieve and reach, and why! This means that a real leader needs to know his personal preferences and what kind of leaders he should and should. PREFER. This article briefly reflects on, examines and discusses the mnemonic approach of what this means and for some reasons.

first priorities; planning; performance; perception: Human perception and its effect, its effect, it really believes and it is seeking, it generally guides it to specific priorities. The light-minded leader must have a plan for achieving the highest quality, relevance and sustainability, in accordance with the interests of his group and creators.

2nd Relevant: There are many good-natured, pseudo-leaders, focused on formulating and engaging in the right, sustainable way, without it being enough. Empathic; Emphasis should be placed on: Quality leadership needs to rely on true empathy and can only continue to empathize when committed to effective listening and learning about each conversation and / or experience. Emphasis on the experience of emphasis, service, group and stakeholders should be the most favorable approach

4. Facial facts; faithful; fruit; the future: Only then will I be truly faithful to those you serve and represent when you fully consider and face facts and avoid denial and / or populism. In order to achieve what is necessary and necessary, you must keep up quality strategies and / or actions, realistically, focusing in the future in a constitutive way.

5th Energize; Durable: Only the right to be considered a real leader when it comes to lasting, sustainable, relevant approaches, takes full account of the options and makes a well-informed decision and goes on! These individuals positively energize others because their messages are treated positively, consciously, hindered, and challenged, not as problems.

6th Sensitive: Measure leader, potential, and real success if his strategy and action plan consistently respond to the interests of the group and stakeholders

. becomes a great, relevant, clever leader? If so, what should be PREFER?

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