What do HD radios mean?

Since HD radio is a relatively new technology, the cost of HD radios is a bit high. For example, the Radiosis website lists your MultiStream radio for $ 269. This compact, desktop radio is a 4 "x 8", interchangeable receiver (can be selected from the speakers) that can be easily taken from the room to the room. A large, easy-to-read LCD monitor can be found across the room. Radiofizics also say that the MultiStream HD radio has everything – analogue AM and FM, HD AM and FM channels and sub channels.

The Boston Acoustics Recepter radio HD's recommended retail price is $ 299, but is currently a $ 50 discount offer, which raises the price to $ 249 more reasonable. Find out more about Boston Acoustics HD radio prices and availability at Boston Acoustics website.

Cambridge Soundworks has recently announced the radio 820HD, which is also $ 299.99, again $ 50 rebate

At a higher level, the Polk Audio I-Sonic HD entertainment system was $ 599 before the $ 50 discount.

Two lower cost units are available. They are Accurian HD radio from RadioShack ($ 199 for $ 15 discount) and Sangeon HDR-1 for $ 151.95, which is available through amazon.com.

HD radio for car owners

who want to get into HD Technology radio with a wider range of HD radio prices

For example, HD radio prices on the car, Best Buy at Kenwood EZ500 at $ 249.99, KDC-MP228 $ 149.99, and KDC-MP528 for $ 199.99. All three players feature multi-functional, MP3 playback and HD reception.

Another example of the HD radio is Circuit City, and the Panasonic CO-C9701U In-Dash CD player is $ 455.99. In addition, Crutchfield.com Kenwood's KTC-HR100MC HD tuner for $ 399.99 and the Eclipse HDR-105 tuner for $ 449.99.

HD Tuner for Component Systems

The Sangeon HDT-1 HD radio component tuner is one of Sangeon, Audio Design Associates, Yamaha and Day-Sequera systems. the suggested $ 199 retail price, but is currently available in advance.

The ADA Quadri-tune receiver is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of the year and the company has not announced a price for this item. Day-Sequerra announced that the receivers of the M2 and M4 start at $ 2995.

The Yamaha high-end RX-V600 home theater receiver now sells for $ 1,699.

Day-Seguerra has not announced the details and prices of HD-component tuners

But as you can see, the good news is that there is more choice on HD radio today … and even more the near future.

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