Training Communication Skills – Shakes Before You Break Your Health

None of my communication skills could help, I thought.

This anger was physically and emotionally affected. They came out with great anger as he drove. He developed fast, and for a few seconds I went to "Poor Me". I felt as if I got the better of the government. I learned that anger is causing emotional energy shortages, losing my concentration on my activity and not meeting my integrity values. It's a state I do not want to hold for a long time.

For a few days, sometimes I use my anger and convictions for years. Now that this new consciousness feels, the pains are very painful and this person has power over me, more stress and anger seem. I felt her blood pressure rising and breathing was shallow. This can not be very healthy. So what do I do to ease this anger? I remembered this simple practice and I did it. Amazingly, within a few minutes my anger disappeared.

The Training I Used: Step 1: I Accept That I'm in this Resentful State. For this, he takes the power for fear of me. Some times I say to myself: "I admit and accept that I feel anger." Generally, after saying this 3 to 5 times, I'm smiling for the transition to positive energy. [2] [Step2: I can shake a few seconds / minute and then I'll do it myself. This helps you identify the needs that are missing in my life. You may be able to describe this episode more effectively. I use them: "They …" and "I should have …" This is the way to filter out the negative energy and then move on to the very important transforming next step. By the way, the word "must" is probably one of the most frustrating words of communication as the rebellion develops.

Example: Instead of being notified by e-mail, the call was canceled. I should have strengthened my appointment. There may be a paragraph or a writing page. You can always return and write when there are more. Usually.

The purpose of this action is to move our emotions faster to help us identify our values ​​in the next great step. Be as intense and honest as you want in this step, it is useful if you do not find the basic emotions. Caution: Do not stop at this last step because you can stay in negative energy!

3: This step must be taken or there will be little energy change. ] Identify values ​​that are not met by actions or other actions. Some values ​​that I can use are respect, integrity, trust, faith, compassion or reliability. In some ways, I mourn these values, especially because my values ​​are not met. These values ​​are our energy of life and must be satisfied. If not, our physical and emotional energy begins to leak. Now it's important that we just look at them.

By identifying inadequate values, war is likely to become a calm, sweet sadness as we continue this step. This is the charm of identifying values, soothing, nurturing inner peace. If you sigh, there may be a sign that reflects your mind. It now becomes more operational than this dysfunctional state. She is now like a kitten and usually develops strategies that meet the needs that are not met. When I go to this step, I know that I thought of the anger and gave back the life-enriching life I enjoyed. For example, I may be able to meet my value for honor I call that person and discuss my thoughts with them and hear what they say.

I took a few deep breaths and recognized the deep work I just managed to get myself to take care of myself. It all took 5 minutes:

Practice may be shorter or longer, anger, however, take time and enjoy the time to be more relaxed. The longer you write, the more you reward this practice. Lies do not come very often in my life right now, but that's one of the ways I can deal with when that happens. I hope that this will share the relief of your life and try it if necessary.

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