The ten best ways to improve communication skills

1) Without Hearing. The key to good communication is listening well. Save your criticism later, after hearing and understanding what you said. [2] Listen with the willingness of the other person to argue. There is no obligation to really swing but remain open to the option.

3) Listen without thinking about what he will say next. Take some time before answering.

4) Do not invest if you are right. Truth is not the point. If you are right, you can not listen or communicate because you have already set an obstacle. If he is always right, then the other person is always wrong. This can not be true.

5) If the mind wanders, ask for repetition. They are all bothered. Try to concentrate.

6) Always repeat what you have heard and ask if it is correct.

7) Listen to yourself. You can find quiet moments and listen to what you hear about yourself. It increases your body with certain issues. Body language is nothing else than reading other people.

8) Say it honestly, but taking into account the student's feelings. Be polite, honest and honest.

9) Understand and recognize that most things are not black or white, but somewhere in a gray area. Treat the gray.

10) Integrity and confidence building. Do not tell what you do not understand. Do not promise what you will not or can not accomplish. Follow your obligations.

Good student skills in practice. Special coaching may be necessary if you experience communication problems with your boss, staff, subordinates, partners, or personal contacts.

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