The story of Radio Flyer Company

The amazing games created by Radio Flyer have been one of the most important pieces of childhood memories for more than 85 years. Over the years, this popular gaming product has continually improved production and functionality, expanding its product range to entertain the children of each age.

The first Radio Flyer car was founded by the company's 16-year-old founder Antonio Pasin. These original wagons are made of solid wood, only with the simplest woodworking equipment. In the early 1920's, Radio Flyer followed the leading role of the automotive industry and started manufacturing the signature wagon with a steel plate. The first line on Liberty Line included wagons, tricycles and scooters, all of which were made of innovative steel.

The US economy slowed down in the era of the Great Depression, Radio Flyer remained strong. The company was presented at Chicago's 1933 World Expo and used simple advertising campaigns to promote their small red car. In the mid-30s today, the world-famous company has introduced a second line for Streak-O-Lite train trains. The Streak-O-Lite was developed based on the delicate style of Zephyr trains in which the control buttons and headlamps really worked. [1959-1900] Between 1942 and 1945, Radio Flyer, like many other US manufacturing companies, abolished the production of well-known gaming products and spent time on the production of steel products by American troops during the Second World War. Radio Flyer was won by the US Army and the Navy for the production of major war materials. The convincing power of the company increased its trust in its products thanks to war efforts. The radio line of the forties included three custom carriageways that combined steel and original wooden construction and an elegant steel scooter.

In the middle of the century, Radio Flyer was named after a housewife. The economy has been steadily rising, and the products of the baby boom era enjoyed Radio Flyer's special wagons that were inspired by popular TV shows such as Mickey Mouse Club. The company also introduced a garden wheelchair to assist suburban housewives with their court supplies. In America, Radio Flyer's love continued to grow in the sixties when the company celebrated the fiftieth year.

With new logos and new product lines, Radio Flyer turned gracefully fifty years ago. A new line of small children's walk-through games was introduced, and the revolutionary Scat Racer riding track became envious of riders all over the place. The next big shift in the product line introduced the ski. This slender sleigh was capable of delivering adult riders and providing safety with handbrake.

In the coming years, the range of the Radio Flyer range has been expanded. Those who played Radio Flyer as a child today have been homes and children today. For these loyal customers Radio Flyer has introduced All Grown Up garden furniture and heavy duty wagons. In the 1990s, Radio Flyer produced plastic wagons and offered many classic wagons and toy cars with new off-road tires.

Today, Radio Flyer is the world's leading manufacturer of not only wagons, but also tricycles. The company and creative games were held for nearly 90 years in the heart and home of both young and old, and are now in the Toy Industry Hall of Fame. The imaginative works of Radio Flyer will continue to grow with time and remain in childhood in all age groups.

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