The role of online business manager

Many business owners are a bit confusing about the Online Business Manager and a virtual assistant – they think they're one and the same. To some extent, but both types of virtual support professionals have a role to play in your business. And that depends very much on where your business is.

I can easily mention that in the corporate world, Online Business Manager has been identified by the traditional Office Manager / Executive Personal Assistant; and a Virtual Assistant with an Administrative Assistant. I think most people have understood these concepts. So in an online store, Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant perform the same roles.

When you first start your business, you usually have few clients; marketing strategies are simple; and there is a limited budget. In this situation, your virtual assistant can fully support you and perform basic daily tasks on your disk so you can build and increase your business.

But as your work expands in your business – you get more customers, your revenue increases, you offer products and programs, you usually handle not only your customers but also a lot of daily activities that you do not really have to deal with. This is displayed in such a way as, for example:

  • Knowing that you do not have enough system in place, but you do not have time to collect them.
  • There are so many things in your business that you do not know what is happening and what is not.
  • Transfer your work between a virtual assistant, your web designer, your graphic artist, or your affiliate manager, and keep checking them.
  • You do not have the technical expertise (either yourself or your team) so that Infusionsoft or the 1ShoppingCart account is properly created.

And as a result, you are uncertain and overwhelmed, and all the excitement is missed from running the projects. You want to implement many projects that you know will generate additional revenue for you, the back burner will spend because they spend most of their time on firing.

This is when you need an Online Business Manager

Visuzalize is an organizational chart, Online Business Manager meets you and your team members. They see the big picture of your business (because they are big thinkers), but they will be able to break this image into step-by-step projects to delegate their teams.

Your online business manager is responsible for:

  • Project Management – Creating a New Online Program or Membership Portal.
  • Manage Operations – Ensure Infusionsoft or the 1ShoppingCart account is set up correctly to display an automated marketing plan, programs, and products.
  • Metrics Management – tracking statistics that you know exactly what works in your business and what does not.
  • People Management – manages the team members' everyday tasks so they do not have to.

And your time has been freed to focus on growing your business. The result … your big picture is accomplished and the goals reached!

If you understand how these different roles fit into an online store, you can help identify the most appropriate business for your business. You can add the right teammates at the right time.

And if you get such a level of support – is someone who understands both business strategies and has a very detailed orientation – a winning combination of five to six digits and beyond.

(c) 2013 Tracey Lawton

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