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There are several benefits to being able to ask questions. Knowing what you can ask, conversations can easily start. Exploring the right questions opens up people. By gathering the maximum amount of information we can better assess what happens, especially when there is a problem. The question can guide the conversation direction. It can help you take advantage of missing information, ensure that important points get into the conversation and lead to conflicts.

Some question types are better than others. For example, closed questions are answered in one word. Here are some examples: Do you like your job? Do you love the people you work with? Are there any good benefits? Since when have you been working here? Too many closed questions may result in a person feeling as if they were roasted or bombarded and had limited information.

Open questions require much more information. The person speaks; it makes them easier to open, relax and feel. Notice the difference: What are the things you love for your job? What are the benefits of working with another organization? What have you been seeing since you've been doing 5 years? How does your current supervisor change from existing ones?

Why can issues be problematic? Asking "why" forces people to defend themselves. Here are some examples: Why was it late in the morning? Why did not you get the job in time? Why did you order these benefits instead of what we usually get? The result is excuses, arguments, raised reasons. They can even say, "I do not know," or you can not blame others. And it just pulls the progress away to solve the question. What is happening, and why it has happened does not advance us in what we have to do.

Learn to replace "why" with "what". "We" is an open question that makes it easier to collect information. Notice the Difference: What Happened? What is the consequence of this when it happens? What can you do to prevent this in the future? What do I need to help you organize? What are the benefits of these benefits compared to those we usually get? "

Do not ask questions that started with" Trying. "First, you" tried "a closed question: the" tried "the issues were disturbed to the buyer, of course they tried but did not work and they are here, or did not try it because they do not know what you are afraid of what the result may have changed the "tried" the "What did you try?" It's so simple and it works, this is an open question that makes it easier to collect information [19659002] Copyright © 2009 Gloria Howell

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