The first in the eyes of the seller without a word being spoken

If you are an owner, you are starting or seasoning, you know how difficult it can be for sellers to continue negotiations for steep discounts. However, when trying to win deals and negotiate a tough price for a seller, it often happens by saying very little. Let me explain what I'm talking about with a story:

When I first started playing guitar, the whole concept was bad …

I was always "I" in mind. I mean, I always tried to shine. Try to play fantastic swarms, sweep, complex chords that are never necessary … thinking this "good guitar" is playing when in reality:

I've never been good at all

No one is interested in sweeps in Eeolian mode (do not say I knew … I do not know what the hell I said, I just know)

Today, I'm a completely different guitar player. Let's take a guitar twice a year (two events in the Chino Portuguese community). I do not practice much. When I play for the crowd I play very simple things with singers and dancers.

Nobody notices me because I'm not trying to cry for the Spanish classical acoustic (which I can not do or have to worry about).

Instead I'm there to sing the singer or dancer

This role of musician [19659002] The same negotiator.

I'm not a very good student either. Sometimes I talk about sellers (a seller tells me I'm talking too much.)

Reminds me that an old school (very successful) investor from my area once talked to negotiate: "You ask the question, you close enter and listen "

Seller feels like he is the most important person in the room (the basic communication stuff for everyone to learn)

You also do not want the seller to feel less. That is why there are some who do not withdraw the financial calculator before them.

In any case, these basic communication skills must be taught at school, but not. Now the children come out with the "ME" syndrome and they do not know how to gain the hearts and minds of the customers / sellers (I know I'm guilty of it).

Believe it, it's easy to say, "yes, okay, I'm sure I'm not telling the seller," but when you're in the heat of things you've been trying to concentrate on trying to persuade the seller, it is about telling them to admire them with deep wisdom.

But time and practice is necessary for this to happen. Hard. Believe me. You want to be so bright and enjoy yourself. But getting more and more bets offer a much better feeling. Would like to feel the seller as Dale Carnegie describes in the book "How to Conquer and Influence Friends" (Every Merchant and Merchant Must Read), "Gee, I do not know why, but I really like this guy … and you just ask him to really ask the person

The seller's negotiation requires some sales if you want to buy a house But selling is not a fantastic show that needs to be used The seller gets the questions, has a deep conversation with you, solves their own solution (so they feel good) … so in the end, it shines and automatically remembers without saying much.

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