The Cell Phone Detector helps you find hidden cameras

You would probably be confused if someone tells you you can detect hidden cameras through the cellular phone sensor. There are many reasons why someone should keep watch over the hidden mistakes in the living room or in the office. And if there is no camera detector with you, it will be very difficult to find hidden errors. But detection of mobile phones may save you the day and save you a fortune in important business matters.

Mobile Detection works like a standard debugger available on the market. The cellular phone sensor can be very practical and people always carry their mobile phones anywhere, so they are not something that should be remembered.

Mobile phones can act as detectors when they pick up the frequencies emitted by wireless cameras that are hidden in your room or office to spy on them. They are a great and easy way to discover hidden mistakes anywhere in your room or office.

How to Use Your Mobile Phone as a Detector

1. Using mobile phones as a detector is quite simple and the initial process is similar to using a standard debugger. Hold the mobile phone detector in your hand and start in a certain place in your room. The starting point can be everywhere, the goal is to be sure of the starting point.

2nd Make sure that all electrical appliances in the room are switched off. All kinds of radio equipment can give you false signals. Like if the radio is in the room when the phone is approaching it, it will generate a beep as radio frequencies appear on the sensor's mobile signals.

3rd If you ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off, you may begin to detect hidden errors in your room. At the moment you hear a beep, get closer to this area. The sound will be stronger when you move closer to that place.

4th When you find the hidden mistake, take it out and destroy it. Someone wants to play with you or try to get details of your private or office life.

The mobile phone sensor is very useful if you do not carry a normal debugger with you this day.

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