The 5 Strange Radio Station on the Internet

Internet radio is amazing, not least because it is possible to find a place that matches almost any taste.

You have not stuck with the dozens or twenty alternatives of our local AM / FM music. Now you can tune the whole world from your computer – or one of the ever popular wi-fi radios.

Listening options opened by Internet radio would be surprising even if only regular air traffic stations that provide a stream of sound. But you have to look at something very different from Internet radio stations.

Perhaps there are already 50,000 Internet radio stations – now probably no up-to-date, accurate number is likely to be found – here is the 5 that I considered to be the most distinctive. Just do a web search for a name if someone wants you to listen to "restoring songs" to encourage people to remain sober.

  • Radio Didgeridoo – All didgeridoo music; apparently there is a craze for the Australian Australian instrument in Poland, from every location where the station comes from.
  • Nirvana Radio – It is about sounds that will help meditate; the "best vibrations in the world" on the station's website
  • Birdsong Radio – You've figured it out: Non-stop birdwatching, ornithologists and those who do this kind of thing are not annoying.
  • ATOS Theater Organ Radio – Music recordings on the big old tube organs that sometimes showed silent films; definitely acquired flavor (ATOS stands for the American Theater Association).
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