T-Mobile Dash Review

T-Mobile Dash is part of the small touchpad keyboard. Except for the power button on the left side of the phone, the pages are plain and button-free so you can easily grab them. There is a port on the bottom of the phone, but it's covered, so you do not feel like relying on the Dash. The camera is conveniently placed on the back of the phone. Which seems to bring the phone's efforts to try and keep things away. However, the microSD slot has the hidden advantage of the battery cover unfortunately, which might be a bit far. When you insert or remove a card, you do not have to turn off the phone, but the battery needs to be discharged, and if you have a large finger, it is difficult to grab the card.

The T-Mobile Dash keyboard is small and beautiful in shape while still providing good control. The keys are packaged in very tight columns, but the large gap between the rows makes it easy to press one key without colliding with anything else. Surprisingly, it is easy to enter the keyboard layout. The above navigation buttons are very well placed with the big buttons in a very reasonable way. But the most interesting and least useful keys are the volume controls that are located on touch screen touch pads. So, since these buttons are not really buttons making any pressure at all, their functionality is very messy.

Dash includes T-mobile devices with the new MyFaves, a semi-use semi-call plan. You can get unlimited calls to five numbers. This application makes it easy to easily retrieve any of your letters by scrolling to the image and pressing the Send button. So, as long as you are subscribed to MyFaves, any of your calls are free for any game file.

Your phone has a unique dashboard or management section that allows you to quickly see the status of the phone and turn on and off the phone. Another positive thing about this phone is not just cellular data can connect to any wifi hotspot. This includes the T-mobile hotspot in any Starbucks and anything you can use at home, school, office or anywhere else where you have wifi. After joining a network, you go to the internet explorer and browse the Internet almost like a PC. The internet search engine in this phone is not like any other phone, it can read HTML as the traditional web browser, and reformat the HTML to fit the small screen.

So we all thought T-Mobile Dash was a good phone. Although there were some negative points, there are largely those very small things that are not necessarily a problem for you. The phone had so many strong points that the negatives were easy to measure.

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