Stolen Cell Phones – What can you do about them?

Mobile phone theft is a thriving business. For many reasons, mobile phones are popular with thieves. Small and light, they're $ 50 to $ 60, sold more easily than most items, or the thief can use almost indefinite time. Manufacturers' efforts to better track stolen phones should have a positive impact in the future, but consumers should now be cautious.

First of all, consumers need to know that when they steal their phone, they are usually responsible for all charges incurred before the lost or stolen phone announcement. Secondly, it is important to understand that, unlike credit cards, most mobile phone contracts do not have any liability limitations. Simply put, this means that the individual's responsibility is not limited. So what is the victim of cell phone theft?

– In order to avoid paying hundreds of dollars, the victim must be reported to the police without delay. At least they should know the name of their mobile operator, their telephone, their model, and the electronic serial number of the phone to produce a full police report.

– At this point, the individual gets the case number that he / she will have to report to their mobile service provider. The mobile operator may then blacklist the phone and the individual can not be held responsible for calls initiated after that point. It is important to keep a record of the name, time and date of the communication if there is a dispute in the future.

– It's also wise to check the mobile contract. The agreement often specifies the steps to be taken in the event of theft or loss.

– Although the consumer is responsible for all calls before the loss announcement, in some cases, fraudulent calls are covered by each credit card company when a phone / service is created / paid using a credit card. Therefore, it is advisable to call the credit card company in such cases.

– In some cases, fraudulent accounts are generated using information received through stolen mobile phones. Further Help with Managing Fraudulent Accounts from the FCC (

Another important thing is that users will realize that information on mobile phones is potentially accessing the thief. In this great "information age", it is easy to find all information about individuals based on bits of information stored on mobile phones. What precautions can mobile phone users take to protect information?

– It is best to use security features on your phone to encrypt your data and prevent other people from accessing it.

– Although overwriting them, another important step to prevent thieves is to set passwords that restrict access. It is especially important to use the password to access / use the keyboard.

– Another, more drastic option to not store your personal information at all on your mobile. Of course, cellular phone users are usually given a prize for storing addresses and phone numbers, but at least they must also consider what information is most sensitive and cause the greatest damage if variables have access to it and avoid storing such information.

Most importantly, owners must fully understand the potential damage caused by the loss. With thousands of cell phone thefts every week, owners must protect their personal information and report their losses immediately.

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