Songs about the music business

Music is their business, so it's not surprising to hear the Sound Opinions hosts an entire episode of music business. Jim DeRogatisi and Greg Kot, who run the National Public Radio weekly program, have recently presented their favorite song about the joys and pitfalls of the disc industry.

Greg Kot's "There's Not That Good" Aimee Mann, Graham Parker's "Mercury Poisoning" and Sex Pistols "EMI" as his favorite music on the music business while co-director Jim DeRogatisi of Pink Floyd "Have a Cigar" "So You Want the Rock and Roll Stars" Patti Smith and "I Could I Testify" by Public Enemy. All six were worthy of choice, but there was much more to mention.

There are another 10 popular songs that have been written about the music of the music or the joy of music.

Geno was the director of Hall and Oates

Unlike many of the songs, music has been recorded in the music of the music industry.

Never received the "rhapsody" this is really a recognition for a guy looking over the duo.

Billy Joel's Fun

This is an inward career as the Piano Man Says This Clearly

Vulgar Pictures in the Smiths

The artist is dying, Morrissey blasts the fact that the record company is preparing for the mistake through the tragedy, repackages its material

Goon S quad, Elvis Costello

The Armed Forces tracking group is the industry leader Costello warns of: "They came to look at them and they give their eyes, they want to come out for play, farewell. "

Joni Mitchell is a free man in Paris

It is reflected in his youthful days in France that this record runs dream of leaving Judith and a single machine from Spark.

"Call Us Called by Sugar Loaf"

Most striking artists have already known this response when the band made the Top Ten Single in 1974.

Keep the customer satisfied with Simon and Garfunkel [19659002] Here customers are the ones who buy their album and the title serves as the mantra that the duo will receive from record labels.

Thank you so much for the Kaiser Chiefs

"It's an excitement, a drill" Ricky Wilson is singing on this track from Retirem an album that contains many other references to the pitfalls of success.

Days of Who

Pete Townshend's Arc dances emphasize this delighftul track that he only wants to play songs, the business world of the music world

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