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Mobile Sales (POS) solutions enable merchants to accept credit card payments where they are best suited to their customers. Mobile payments allow traders to accept and process credit card payments in the corridor, outside the store, or wherever buyers prefer to pay. Small business owners or large business dealers with a wholesale sales group or non-traditional business can expand their business and increase their revenue by accepting mobile credit card payments using their existing smartphone.

Mobile POS systems create a new standard and are easy to implement and support. Dealers with iPhones, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Google Android devices can send, authorize, and settle transactions quickly and safely.

Mobile POS system has many benefits:

  • Reduce Processing Costs – The trader can reduce processing costs with a single merchant account to accept retail and mobile payments.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Improving customer experience with multiple payment options.
  • Flexibility – Mobile transactions allow traders to get anywhere in the store.
  • Stability and Reliability – Mobile POS software competes on the largest ecommerce, commercial, and portal websites. Mobile POS applications can handle millions of transactions a month. Given that most people would rather lose their cell phones than their cell phone badly, it is not surprising that the mobile platform quickly becomes a novel payment opportunity for small business owners. For many, the mobile phone will never leave our site. It takes place at the dinner table, easily accessible on the belt clip or pocket, and often, somehow, it can still share the pillow at night. Today, cost-conscious traders can accept credit card payments without buying traditional merchandising tools or paying expensive system customizations.

    Market Expansion

    Mobile POS solutions cost to small business owners and independent sales representatives. Traders can purchase a high-quality smartphone application from $ 0- $ 29.95. Questions about your mobile payment service provider:

    · Is your mobile app PCI compliant?

    · Does the app support both small and large payments?

    · Is there a payment gateway service required? If so, it will recognize payment passes and require an additional monthly return.

    · Does the app support crosslinking and not transactions? Sliding transactions provide lower processing fees.

    · What card readers are supported?

    · Does the card reader support data encryption?

    · Does your system have online statements to view customer transactions?

    · Which cell phones are supported?

    · Does the system ensure that no customer payment information is stored on your mobile phone?

    · What are all fees associated with payment?

    · How quickly do you finance customer payments to your dealer's bank account?

    · What is a license agreement? Can a merchant specifically fill in a mobile payment application on multiple devices?

    We will see that many mobile app providers come from the table as the industry matures. Traders, however, have to look for a mobile payment service provider with several years of experience in the payment processing industry.

    Most Popular Mobile Payment Applications

    1. MobileAuthorize (Google Android, BlackBerry, iPhone / iTouch, Windows Mobile)

    2. iPayPOS (iPhone)

    3. RoadMerchant (BlackBerry)

    4. MobileMerchant (iPhone, Windows Mobile)

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