Satellite Radio: Subscription Costs

The subscription costs for XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio are variable and change during the most recent promotions.

XM Satellite Radio subscription

If you accept a two to five year commitment and pre-pay, you can reduce the actual monthly

The XM Satellite Radio subscription fee is a monthly service charge of $ 9.99.

Up to four additional receivers are added only $ 6.99 a month. Some special channels spend a bit more on subscription costs for satellite radios, such as Playboy Radio, a premium service, an additional $ 2.99 per month. The cost of commercial and business subscriptions is $ 24.99 per month. Enterprise subscriptions are a bit more expensive due to additional royalties that need to be paid if potentially more people are listening to the station.

Sirius Satellite Radio Subscription

Sirius Satellite Radio Subscription Fee is a monthly service charge of $ 12.95. With one year or two years of commitment, Sirius offers lower monthly fees.

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With Sirius, you can activate up to three additional radios for $ 6.99 a month. Business subscriptions are $ 24.99 per month.

The subscription cost of satellite radios is based on the number of stations that have access to added extras. Adding advanced services can increase your satellite radio subscription.

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