Satellite radio over the internet radio

It's been fighting brewing for years. Fighting has been fought, but now both sides solidify for the whole war. Battle is the ear and mind of the students, and the battle is between the conventional radio and the satellite radio. XM and Sirius are preparing to import a lot of terrestrial radio stations, as these traditional radio stations will get more and more music online.

Traditional radio stations are not new in online content streaming; has been going on for years now. The new thing is that these radio stations increase their efforts; and the students seem to be listening well.

For example, consider Microsoft Media Player. Besides ripping, burning and compiling, you can listen to Internet radio. You can find any desired station, ranging from ragging heavy metals to smooth jazz and old melodies. They are right on the computer and all you have to do is find the other station, click the mouse. The disadvantage, however, is that these stations each contain advertisements.

XM and Sirius radio are very few on web-based music, focusing on bread and butter, focusing on automotive applications. Contracts with automotive manufacturers have been incorporated into Sirius and XM in many OEM stereos (such as Honda XM), and this continues to influence the drivers of satellite radio companies.

Is this a wise decision, though? The growing tendency for everything to go online is the satellite radio service providers are locked in the cold while consumers are moving to online radio stations that can be downloaded via free mobile Internet telephones? (Of course, apart from the service plan) Maybe only time will tell. XM has at least worked with Palm to produce the world's first XM-capable smartphone in Palm Centro, but that's enough to help the satellite radio giant's competitiveness?

Finally, the performance and popularity of Sirius and XM are obviously articulated with their automotive manufacturers. The slowdown in sales and the production of new cars and trucks will be reduced a little, there is always a risk that the market will erode under their feet (say).

Consumers enjoy Sirius and XM, as is the popularity of portable audio units offered by both companies. However, consumer loyalty is a damn thing and if internet radio gets to the point that it is more widely available through portable devices (perhaps even the car radio station?), How loyal will these consumers be for satellite radios? 19659002] Both Sirius and XM respond to emerging consumer trends. New portable devices, such as Styletto 2 web Sirius radio, are able to transfer their own mp3 to the device and much more. This is a new trend for satellite radio companies, and consumers strongly support this.

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