Satellite radio and digital HD radio – and the winner too

Satellite radio is greatly outspoken, largely because Howard Stern relocated to Sirius Satellite Radio.

While moving to Sirius, it may be that Howard has a sense of scatological language and hi-jinks in the air, but he is listening to most radios.

You see, satellite radio is about to look for new technology on HD radio soon.

HD radio is the recently adopted US government's digital system for multiple local AM and FM radio broadcasts. This is of course radio – that is, no charge or subscription.

Advantages of HD Radio:

  • The AM radio's sound is as good as today's FM radio.
  • The FM sound is almost as good as listening to a CD.
  • Multiple casting means that stations can add two additional digital sub-channels to their primary broadcast. And the broadcasters said that many of these subchannels would be free to trade – at least initially – just like satellite radio.
  • HD radio contains text messages so you can always get real-time weather forecasts, traffic updates, and other information on the radio.
  • People who tested the first HD desktop radio from Boston Acoustics said that satellite broadcasters might be more worried. The Receptor HD radio only has 4.4 to 7.6, 6.75 inches, 4.4, 4.4 and 6.0 inches, but produces a sound that's just wonderful can be described.

    In addition to freelance and excellent sound, another important feature of HD radio is that satellite radio can not be the same. Programming is local. The satellite radio is free to trade, but there is no local weather report, no traffic update, no local news, no local personality.

    The battle between satellite radio and terrestrial radio will not go away. Satellite radio will become more and more popular. And the terrestrial radio is about to have a second life – thanks to the digital HD radio. So the real winner will not be in this war either. It will be for consumers. You can choose a satellite radio, conventional AM or FM radio, digital HD radio or all three.

    In fact, the situation is that "the more choices the better is."

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