Review – HTC HD2 T-Mobile's most exclusive phone

The official iPhone killer appeared on March 24, 2010, exclusively for T-Mobile customers. If you considered that the iPhone was a huge, indestructible powerhouse that was not equal then you could encounter an iPhone killer, HTC HD2. This phone is the most outstanding phone on the market. One of the most widespread features of the phone is the following:

-Five megapixel camera: This camera camera can capture better images than most digital cameras. If you are making regular photos, this is definitely a great feature.

-Voice Dial: If you need a phone call while making a call, this phone is your best friend who does not require dialing. It's as simple as indicating that you have to call Dan from the contact list.

-GPS: This phone provides fantastic GPS compatibility, even if you are not in the United States. Ideal for family venues and avoiding the lost tourist problem in a city or country that has never been visited in your life. You can replace the large GPS systems in the car that are very unpleasant for walking.

-Document Tab: This phone made it easy to separate your business from your personal life in an advanced documentary.

-Text to Speech: This is another wonderful compatibility that will make the lives of every busy person less utilized by the phone.

-HD Video: This phone is prefilled with Transformers and Transformers 2 amazing high definition. This is the most important tool for a traveler who wants to relax and watch movies on the go.

-HTC brand: HTC brand means running on a Windows operating system. This phone contains Microsoft Word. It's a gift that this phone features like a laptop, without any mess and heavy chargers.

-16 GB Storage: 16GB of storage with whipped cream for another perfect phone. You do not have to buy more memory cards and this is perfect for those who do not like to carry their iPods with them everywhere!

Overall Rating: 10/10

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