Replacement storage radio in a Ford Taurus 2002 SEL

So my friend and I got somewhat car audio / visual (that's very fun) and decided to change the stock at Ford radio is an aftermarket.

We do not really know we were up until we got out of the old deck. "Ol junker" (not a junker at all, since an EATC temperature control module coupled with a CD player) was a large circuit board. This thing seemed so sophisticated that in 1974 the man would have come to the moon.

We took the deck, bought an aftermarket dashboard kit from the local car dealer, and we connected the new deck. This part was easy – but the EATC backup (electronic automatic temperature control) wiring was worse than with hot poker.

Here's a tip for anyone who wants to replace his carriage – wiring harnesses. As you say, it was almost impossible to find another cable bracket for the actual beast. None of the wiring diagrams on the websites were worthy – and Ford has nothing to help us.

In addition, the purchased remanufactured set has no buttons – expect us to feed the last heating system – and nothing will plug the buttons. We could order the buttons – all with $ 12 – to assign switches, etc. The wiring harness was $ 80 and the switches were about $ 100 for each of the three … so the total cost of fixing the heating system will be close to $ 500 and the cost of the aftermarket knitting kit.

I do not think I'm going to swap the warehouse radio in a Ford again. At least, if so, then this is a model that Ford recognizes and really provides the model. Buying replacement parts on a Canadian tire just does not cut them – they never work or fit – and if a Ford dealership can hardly help, then you really want to know who it is.

Long story short – winter approaching two wires together to put heat on the winter. Simple solution. Probably, when the summer spins, we'll set up a couple to turn on the power.

It's just the thing that bother me that I can not heat or heat the heat. But this is still on – so note it.

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