Reiki plays an important role in schools

Many teachers and teaching assistants come to me for Reiki for stress management. They are concerned about the fact that they are now being monitored and how they limit the assistance of children.

An example that can not be physically affected by the child. This was what many clinic teachers and teachers helped. According to UK law, a teacher or a teacher's assistant may not physically affect the child. I have been very unhappy about how this law affects the well-being of children. Here are some examples.

A teacher faced a child who was just in hospital in a serious condition. He did not have a father. The child cried terribly. The teacher wanted to embrace the child. The child tried to embrace the teacher, but legally could not afford to answer. He felt completely helpless and had to watch the kids cry, weep and weep until a relative comes. I thought to the teacher what to do next time, which did not affect the child and helped to release the stress in the Reiki session. However, this need to touch children is still not addressed.

Another example is a physical education teacher who had to go to grammar school and other sports where the child had to defend his fall. He informed you that he should tell the child every time that if the child is seriously injured, he would like the child to be touched to prevent a bad fall. You must have permission every time and if your child does not say, simply let the child fall and get injured if necessary. Ideally, he would try to get the child to another sport.

On the one hand, I can see the wisdom of the law. As a result, any inappropriate touch does not have to be proven. Tapping in itself is illegal, so it is not necessary to further disturb the child if they are wrongly touched by questioning the defense lawyers. On the other hand, children need touch and comfort.

I see the answer. If every school has two approved Reiki practitioners with all the necessary controls to collaborate with children, the Reiki practitioner can work with the child's touch, even if it is in his hand. The camera can always be in the control room for further protection. A genetically-trained Reiki practitioner can be brought to the children who need to touch them and so children can get the touch comfort. Reiki can also be performed in the aura, directly above the body, so the feel of the touch can be experienced without touch.

Just a thought and a hope for kids in the UK.

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