Radio stations – How to use them to traffic to your site for free

Local, nationwide and even web radio stations are a simple, effective, and sometimes free way to attract attention to your business or website, indirectly promote and increase the flow of visitors. The idea is very simple.

Radio stations are constantly looking for interesting stories that fill the air, as magazines and newspapers are constantly searching for interesting stories and articles. Radio stations range from a few thousand people to a few million. Students are often busy audiences – listening to the radio in the workplace, in the car, on the bus or on the train, at home with a cup of coffee and a hundred more places. Why not reach the audience and get your site in the air?

Obviously, you can not just contact a radio station and ask them to interview you about your new website. (Or at least you can, but you have to pay for expensive ads!). Instead, if you are an articulate, coherent and interesting speaker, you can translate the most important messages on your site into a stunning story that students want to hear and offer this story to be discussed on the radio for a few minutes. the duration of the air. In the end you will mention your site.

Probably we can talk about your site in thousands of ways to make the students interesting. You can imagine yourself as a local entrepreneur who has eradicated poverty and is now working successfully on the Internet. You could show that your Internet business is better suited to the needs of the family and the children than the regular 9 to 5. You can explain how you spend more time on hobbies and interests. It would explain that this allows you to create a second earning part-time, which is obviously for everyone! As you can see, you can do the story in many ways to provide a broad appeal.

If you have an interesting angle on the subject, you must compress the essential points for a few minutes in the conversation. If you can do this, you can contact the radio station to see if you are interested in the story. Finally, the reward is that you will soon be able to mention the new website.

Among you, after you have a fascinating story, the radio interviewee is likely to ask a number of questions that he replies to look spontaneous. They might be able to write questions, with the suggested answers. This guides the radio interview as you want it to go, but to the radio station an idea for the student's interest.

As long as you are well-prepared and able to have your story more intriguing and do not try to make a clear advertisement on your website, using such radio interviews can be a great way to draw your attention to your site.

Local radio stations are probably the best starting point, as the local sphere closest to the story is more interesting for students. With a bit more practice it may even be on a national radio with a much wider audience!

However, do not forget that local and national radio stations are not just in the city. There are dozens of Internet radio stations. They are always looking for new content, interesting stories and interviews to fill the air. The audience also has a number of tens of thousands. Some of them are very specialized. There are plenty of interviews with more Internet radio stations, all of which are slightly different slopes that better fit their basic audience.

If you miss these ideas, why not start your own radio station? So you can discuss your web site as you love it! Seriously, if you raise the profile of your website, then you have to try something!

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