Radio Sharks – Digital Radio Recorder

TiVo and other digital video recorders or DVRs have been in existence since 1999. But are digital radio receivers or DRRs?

Compared to the compilation of the first TiVo devices, the development of a digital radio recorder seems a rather simple process. Perhaps all the economic impulses that are interested in electronics manufacturers are lacking, as they certainly did not want to make digital radio recording to the audience. In 2004, Griffin Technology introduced Radio SHARK, a digital radio recorder that not only changed its Macs to AM / FM receivers; enabled the student to record radio broadcasts in real time.

Like TiVo, the Radio SHARK digital radio recorder has a time shift recording feature that would allow a user to pause in a live program to return to a previous segment and to catch up when interrupted, recording later.

But the radio SHARK digital recorder not only recorded; there was a station preset function that can lock the user's favorite stations with mouse clicks; and enabled the new stations to be scanned and tuned easily.

The radio SHARK digital radio recorder connects to the PC through the USB port from which it was powered and looked like the shadow's back rim for which the name was named. The fin was the antenna of the digital radio recorder and could easily be moved for the best reception. Radio shaded programs can be transferred to a digital radio recorder on an iPod or a voice file, which is compatible MP for later listening.

Radio SHARK digital radio recorder developed the following, so Griffin Technology further developed the concept and terminated the radio SHARK 2 digital radio receiver at the end of 2006. SHARK 2's radio enhancements include a USB extension cable that allows the receiver to accommodate up to eight feet from the PC; stronger radio receiver chip; a on-screen tuner that closely reflects the traditional radio dials; and adding the Internet radio to the AM / FM menu. Internet radio opens up digital radio recorders for international broadcasting.

Radio Shark2 digital radio recorder also features software that provides users with all the information that can capture time shift, station tuning and tuning, and optional antenna extensions for those in a poor reception area. And 49.95 out of the original radio's SHARK digital radio receiver from $ 69.95 at very attractive prices!

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