Radio – Many people could call it an inventor

If you want a lot of people who have invented a radio, most would say it was Marconi. Like many conventions, it is not certain that many people have been involved in the development.

In the 1830s, Joseph Henry spoke of the waves, and in the 1840s, Michael Faraday believed that the light was moving as waves, but only until the end of the 1870s David Hughes conveyed some signals over a few hundred meters use of electromagnetic waves. Heinrech Hertz (circa 1887) has shown that radio waves are indeed electromagnetic clouds and have created a machine that generates and receives radio waves that are still measured by their names today. You can write it as an inventor of the radio, but never see it. He just tried to prove the theory and did not see any commercial use.

The next applicant is Nikola Tesla. At the beginning of the 1890s, he was the first person to see the exchange of information in the air without wiring. He was the first person to get a patent for broadcasting radio waves. In the middle of the 1890s, Indian physicist Jagesh Bose sent more than a mile of signal but did not care about the commercial side of the radio or even sought patents for his discoveries.

Alexander Popov built a buyer in Russia in the 1890s, first introduced on May 7, 1895. This date was celebrated as Radio Day. In 1900 he set up a radio.

1900th On December 23, another physician, Reginald Fessenden, was the first speaker within 1 mile.

Guglielmo Marconi has followed both Hertz and Tesla for a while, and he really saw the commercial potential of technology. First he sent waves over a mile away and claimed to own, although many people think that this is a copy of Tesla.

There is much debate about the year Marconi actually transmitted the signals to the Atlantic but sometime between 1901 and 1903. Nevertheless, he created the Marconi Society and gave the radio to the masses, so it is always called the first one that one thinks.

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