Radio Frequency Identification Technology

What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology? RFID is a wireless communication technology that allows users to identify tagged objects or people. RFID is also cost effective and widely used in technology. This is due to the efforts of Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense (DoD) to put RFID technology into supply chains. In 2003, these Giants began to allow pallet-level tracking on their stock, Wal-Mart set up a rule for an RFID mandate that requires its key suppliers to begin labeling pallets and cases with Electronic Product Code (EPC) labels . At the same time, DoD quickly followed and issued the same expectation for its top 100 suppliers. The attempt to incorporate RFID into supply chains is caused by increased freight transport, good betting and stock efficiency, and reduced storage, labor and product loss, offering inventory-level visibility.

Wal-Mart and the DoD mentioned here are, in fact, the world's largest retailer and the world's largest supply chain operator. Due to their size, RFID rules promote the growth of the RFID industry and bring new and emerging technologies to market. Obviously, the costs of RFID application are reduced as mandates, as economies of scale are realized. Finally, the standard seems to have united the industry behind a single Electronic Product Code standard. Due to the lack of understanding and lack of consensus in the industry, the issue of standards has prevented industry growth from issuing mandates. DoD and Wal-Mart alone can not take into account RFID technology's current interest. However. Given the rapid forecasts of industry growth, it is clear that RFID has begun to draw attention to a wide range of industries and to government departments.

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