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Small business entrepreneur surprised and how do they do it? Or a better question: "Where do you get all the money to keep up with the omnipotent advertising consumer giant?" The question is not why they do it, the answer is somewhere that they have to do it, and because their ads are so effective that they continue to brand and general sales. And they've done it for years, and they know it works. As a small business, how do you do it?

You've been involved in the idea of ​​radio and television advertising for a long time and discussing good old-fashioned direct correspondence and media coverage. Do you have radio or TV at all? These are good questions, and not all companies and products will benefit from all advertising radios. But if your product or service can be portrayed, and that's a speech memory because we all hook up ideas when you're listening to a radio show right away, the radio and TV can only be for you.

The fact remains that 98% of consumers buy it for the first time and know why? Because they want to know who buys. If this last statement is true then the question is whether you are aware of the consumer or the product for the first time? Better you. And indeed, one of the best ways to do this is radio, television or television. Print ads are great, just spend a lot. Radio and television mean almost the same cost of displaying. It's true that printing means that the consumer can see your ad virtually every time you keep your coupon or leave the flyer, but it's difficult to overcome radios and televisions and benefit from other difficult services or products for creating and maintaining a familiar creating ads with sounds, faces, and music – And music is just the most important part.

Somehow you're listening to a speech and what's left with you during the day is not what the speaker said but what the singer sang. Music is able to pass through the brain boundaries, which produce a message, in which case the company creates a jingle and a music bed, so that when they make the right, it can be incredibly tied to the minds of the buyers. Over the years, you're thinking of great singer-songwriting, and you say that's not the case. These jingles go beyond a cute, memorable end, they are mostly the whole advertising. And McDonalds, Burger King, Crest and many others have understood these years.

Do you understand this? And understanding does not mean picking up a guy for writing a $ 200 jingle, and then wondering why he does not work. You are trying to stay away from your business and have to be together with your ad. You do not have to spend big money on music, but you have to go with a reputable company like and ask him to write you an effective jingle and music bed. For a reason, in the right places and at the right places, you want to hear the sound at the right time to effectively address the message and leave your company's image and appearance on the market, even if you're still working there – the picture is everything.

The key to being effective in the long and short term is that it needs reliable and powerful ads that are cross-platform and interconnected with customers. Creating bonds with customers is about what it is and what it will be for the package leader – Eventually, it will buy 98% of consumers who first think about it.

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