Playing the radio while driving

It was always the only argument between father and boy when the radio was played while driving a car. Your dad will play softer music that will let you play while you keep your attention on the road for quick response. The boy will have the louder rock music with the bass raised so he puts his hand on your ear. He wonders that this person can hear something coming and going, not to mention an ambulance coming on his back.

Which driver is right? Is not that simple? In the background you can play silent music and are still missing from the fire car or ambulance or from other directions. A boy playing loud music can instantly see the flashing lights and pull out a lot of time. What does the law say about radio management? You have to play on a reasonable level to keep people watching you do not offend.

If Windows vibrates, this is a good sign that the radio is too loud. If it were an accident, it's easy to say that you did not see them or hear them because the radio was too loud. This would increase your insurance premium if you have too many accidents. If you go through a neighborhood, you can really stop the peace. This would be another case when your car insurance will increase if you get too much traffic offense.

Is this the point where the driver should ask yourself whether the tickets are worthy of loud music? Can you enjoy music at a lower noise level? Try compromising and remember that you can raise the volume at any time if you do not drive and you are in private. So you can close the door, pull up the headset and no one will listen to the music except you.

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