People's Skills: Eight Basic Knowledge

People are capable of communicating effectively with others, and eight are essential:

1. Understanding People

People do not only come in all shapes and sizes, but come with different personality types. You may want to read an e-mail about how you can communicate with the four main personality types. In fact, dedicated students for communication can enjoy less enjoyment than Bem Allen's personality types, the "introduction of personality theories".

People are individuals, as many similarities as differences between one person and another. For the most effective communication, everyone needs to communicate with them in their own individual preferences, their language, physical activity, pace, and intonation.

So how do you know how to best communicate with someone? Spend time with them! Do not wait to meet someone in the street and talk to them in a minute. Understanding the subject takes time – regardless of whether this subject is an academic or another.

2nd Clarify your thoughts and feelings

Our brains just know that you know so much. Every second day of the day we get a message to compete with the "noise" damn, the message must be clear, concise and accurate.

It is very worth taking the time to plan communication – no matter how it is delivered – to ensure that you take the least amount of time to think the right way to think in the most sensible way

. Talking When Your Needs Are Not Fulfilled

Just as important in your business relationships as in the home country, speaking to your needs to satisfy your needs, is a fundamental part of any relationship.

You may have read this article about violent, non-aggressive communication, but in a nutshell you can be self-conscious and not aggressive in your communication in six different ways: by trying their behavior before communication; repeating communication ("broken record" technique); fogging; requested negative feedback; pilot agreement with negative feedback; and creates a viable compromise.

Assertiveness is a useful means of communication. This application is contextual and not necessarily consistent in any situation. Remember, the sudden use of assertiveness can be considered as aggression by others

. Get feedback from others and provide feedback with quality feedback

Besides assertive techniques, giving and receiving feedback is a key communication skill you need to learn if you want any hope of establishing long-term business relationships. [19659004] Toastmasters International teaches useful feedback and critical review techniques – first give a gratifying compliment, follow these practical suggestions for development, and continue with honest praise. The so-called "CRC," or "Thank You, Offer, Praise," a Three-Stage Model for Quality Excellence in Quality Feedback

Remember that justice is a subjective view. What may be unpleasant for somebody may be desirable in another way. As I learned, by experiencing a series of IRA atrocities in England and watching American political and media action, the terrorism of one human being is a freedom fighter of another person

. Impact on the Thinking and Action of Others

Each of us has the opportunity to influence the thinking and action of others. From the Convincing Principles of Cialdini to the simple violence (verbal or physical) we can shape the minds and actions of those around us every day.

As simply as smiling and saying "Hello!" To influence the moods of someone to be exemplary in the intense period of change, there are many ways in which behavior and attitudes can be introduced or drawn from others.

Do not forget that attitudes result in emotions that in turn lead to action. Formulate Attitude and More Reliable Way to Predict Actions

. Conflicting and Resolving Conflicts

I confess: I'm not "natural" in conflict management. Three of his children married an existing family to help this child deal with conflicts.

I've lived in my family for three years to find out there is a conflict and you can not take part personally. But it's not easy to learn, I can tell you. 19659004. But the nursing child's nun helped me learn the importance of the surface of conflict and anger to the surface where it is easier to treat.

Employees may be hiding secret hiding places, and unless you know what their position is to bring these "dark secrets" to the sun, you will never be able to deal with them. This is embarrassing, potentially humiliating, and requires a lot of patience not to start defensive, but gives people the opportunity to express their concerns, frustrations and anger against the face. , or help them see where their thoughts and feelings are.

7th Working with others instead of doing things yourself

I'm a destructive, but I've learned to share and share each other, which plays an important part in developing my own business.

The fastest way to exaggerate yourself in detail and workload is to try and do it all with you. However, sharing workload may be the smartest thing you can ever do. Therefore:


Leverage leverages skills and abilities and enables others to increase their ability to work. You're doing your training, what you're doing, and you're doing something else. [1] A bricklayer can only set a certain number of bricks in one hour, but the same bricklayer can build 15 brick builders, and suddenly the 15 bricklayers build the monuments while the first bricklayer prevents them from doing more work.

While bricks 15, the original bricklayer can learn how to do advanced maths or learn sales strategies or study supervisory abilities

. simple: try to do everything and "all" will bury; teach others to do your actions and build a souvenir.

Jesus taught 11 people how to do what he did. Then he left them to move forward while moving to other things. From the simple act of a single man, who taught 11 people, a church and the largest, most influential religious movement that the world has ever known is born

. Exchange relationships if relationships are not productive

Sometimes you have to go. Sometimes you should avoid unhealthy cargo. Sometimes you have to take drastic steps to regain balance and momentum.

"Switching devices" can be as simple as changing a venue from a dark office to a nearby café. Sometimes you may have lunch after lunch, when the cleaner heads rule.

Sometimes this means that the level of assistance needs to be increased in order to secure the point we are delivering. Sometimes this means that others are involved in the meeting so that the other person understands the effect of their attitudes or actions.

And sometimes it could mean that it would help them find a more meaningful and satisfying role outside of their influence. As a management psychologist, I clearly recall an organization I consulted with: the only path to staff stalemate was to overcome obstacles to progress. This meant that the protagonists would help find new jobs outside the organization. Sometimes culture change can only be achieved at a rapid pace by bringing a whole new team into and dropping dead wood. But Only as a Final Solution


It is the idea of ​​educating people that they know or find the best position of others in every situation, not in the worst situation. By mastering the ability of the eight basic people, you can dramatically increase your odds of getting the best results from interactions and business challenges.

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