Overcoming inappropriate communication structures in organizations

Do the communication structures mean? The communication structure is an educational approach that provides a simulated dialogue between the author of the tutorials and the students. We can also call this interactive technique for communicating understanding.


The communication structure is a pattern of interaction that exists in every social system. In families, mothers are more concerned with children than fathers, especially when children are young, but this pattern may shift when the children are older.


There are obstacles that create inappropriate communication structures and how to overcome it perfectly:

1. EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The receiver is the least likely to receive the message when the sender can not choose the right words. Using bad and difficult words can create a bad impression on customers' eyes.

2. USING SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE: If we start communicating something without knowing the subject, the limits of communication are indispensable. In fact, there are many sales people who simply can not explain the finished words or ideas.

3. SUPPORTED KNOWLEDGE: Too much information is a major step backwards for communication, because people may not be ready to take too much information first. Secondly, the information goes too fast because the interpretation becomes difficult.

4. EMOTIONAL TURBULENCY: Emotional aggression in any form may be anger, hostility, fear, anger, etc. Wrong interpretation and misinterpretation. You will not be able to convey your thoughts as it suffers from emotional turmoil.

5. NOISY DISTRACTIONS / SLOPPY STYLE: If you are communicating in a loud environment, you may disturb your communication ideas. Disturbances in cellular lines or noise in the environment, such as in the restaurant, may interfere with communication.

6. THE COMMUNICATION CHANGE LONG: The communication chain in the longer term means greater chances of communication obstacles. If a message is sent through multiple receivers, it can distort, evaporate, and change it. The final receiver may not be able to get the complete message

7. NO FEEDBACK: In fact, even lack of feedback also prevents effective communication. In your organization, the supervisor gives you long and complicated sentences without giving a chance to talk, you pretend to listen, but you will not be able to give the same results as you can not understand the instructions.

8. IMPOLITE LANGUAGE: Communication means sending a message to the affected person. In either way, either verbally or in writing or in electronic communication, distorted is not at all communication. This results in theoretical assumptions and knowledge to follow an effective communication process.

9. COMMUNICATION INAPPROPRIATE MODE: Inadequate communication means simply that your message will not be delivered as much as you try. For example, if detailed instructions are provided on the phone, it would be a waste of time for both the server and the customer. Poorly sent messages cause problems for the student as it is time consuming and annoying.

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