Old Time Radio – Where can you get thousands of shows for free?

The old radio (OTR) did not die. It's a fact of life and well on the Internet. The Internet has actually helped revive the old radio. After the OTR days have ended, the only way to find these shows is to find the ribbon in the old bar and listen to them in this format. Some people converted this program to the recorders and later to the cassettes.

There was a small OTR fan who did this and traded among the presentations. Very few people enjoyed these little shows who have enjoyed these little clubs.

When computers are available to more and more people, smart PC users will learn how to convert these old programs to digital format. 70 minutes of programs can be placed on a CD. With the mp3 compressed audio format, Internet distribution is already possible.

So many people enjoy the fun and adventure of OTR because of all the efforts that transformed the programs and published them on the Internet. With high-speed Internet connections that we enjoy today, we can download as many shows as you want.

Okay, so now that we know these great old radio shows are available again, how do we find them? There are several ways to get these presentations.

The most expensive way is to buy the show in a bookstore in audio format. These audio CDs are sure to run on all CD players, including the car, but only on all the CDs can only show up to 70 minutes. Moreover, they are quite expensive.

You can search the Internet and buy old radio sets in mp3 format. They are compressed and many hours of programming fit on a CD or DVD. They do not play on most standard CD players, but you can listen to them on your mp3 player or computer.

Or join an OTR download club and pay a monthly fee to download all the programs on their web site. This is a much cheaper and better solution for those who have a home computer.

The best way to show long radio shows on mp3, find a web site that offers them free of charge. These sites are small and far apart as they have the costs of launching and maintaining the website. The cost of registering a domain name, monthly fee payment for web hosting, and payment of old radio records. For this reason, many of these sites offer only a few hundred programs in limited genres.

The best old radio websites are those that work as a hobby club. This is the place where visitors donate ten or twenty dollars each time to help pay for the website and buy more shows.

From then on, everyone who donated access full access to old radio shows and all new shows as they are added. A good club also has an OTR discussion forum so the webmaster and club members can talk about the old time, ask and answer questions from other club members, answer and share each other. A good news blog is also useful. The club operator may send a newsletter to the site so that members know when there are new programs.

Why is a hobby club better than a download site? Some people, not everyone who asks for monthly fees, is more than just an old radio station. A hobby club is usually run by a person who loves old radio and wants to share as many people as possible. This is why you are asking for more than ten or more dollars instead of a small donation fee as some sites are being liquidated. By pooling resources, all club members can listen to more programs that they can afford.

An old-fashioned radio club can be fun. This is the way to enjoy and share this wonderful hobby with others and help preserve the old radio live for future generations.

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