Office etiquette for every employee

Today, many businesses use the open floor plan where most of the workers work in the middle of the workplace, surrounded by offices around the perimeter. In such a nearby space, employees in the cabins need to remember one word – EMPATHY. This means that people's feelings, thoughts or attitudes are indirectly experienced or understood. Just tell people to treat people the way you want them to deal with you. Do not talk loudly as long as a colleague is on the phone or gossip about your colleagues if you do not want them to do the same with you.

Referring to relationships between colleagues, Jacqueline Whitmore, the founder of, said: "It's like marriage, these little things that get into your skin and come up after a while. Avoid the skin of your colleagues and the following conflicts, taking into account others and follow these guidelines for the general office etiquette:

· Be timed for work and scheduled appointments, do not slip early – people are dependent on working on a predetermined working time

· keep enter your organization's dress code, do not wear a release or cloth or flip-flop – it's important that you look professional because you're not just representing yourself but your organization as an employee · save your perfume and keynote – your staff may have an allergy or sensitive nose [19659002] · Be respectful and friendly

· Do not say offensive or dirty jokes – you're going to do it in HR

· Keep the door and lift to others – another good rule, usually

· Use your habits – knock before entering the office, do not interfere with conversations and please thank you

· Use your inner voice – Hanging in open space may interfere with telephone staff meeting or trying to concentrate

· Use tissue and wash your hands instantly with cough or sneezing – It's the easiest way to prevent the spread of pathogens

· Avoid chewing gums and bubbles – 19659002] · Have lunch at designated dining places and not at your desk – keep your desk crumbly and keep stewed food from the main office space

· Clean your own do not leave food in the refrigerator – office cleaning service is not responsible for kitchen maintenance

· Put your cell on vibration – it's disturbing to hear different ringing tones throughout the office

· Do not use your personal social media – it's a valuable time to utilize [19659002] · Do not cheat or criticize your staff – no one likes to talk behind it and it's just not nice

· Taking responsibility for your mistakes – apologize to the affected parties and fix the bugs right away

· Do not beep or you sing while walking around the office – it's disturbing to our staff. – Keep the radio as low as possible – your favorite station can not be your favorite station.

· Respect the privacy of our staff – do not listen to a telephone conversation

· Keep the work area clean and order – treat your office as if it were your home.

Do you have a story you can share about an ignored colleague? Do you have any guidelines for office etiquette? We want to hear from you!

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