Nonprofit and Charity Advertising – Tips for writing and recording a 20-second radio announcement

Local charities and nonprofit organizations often rely on free public communications radio announcements as one of the most important ways to get their messages through local communities.

While free radio advertising is highly appreciated, often only 20 of them – publishing second spots and advertising materials within this slots are unique challenges for those organizations who want to get as much information as possible about their businesses.

The following instructions contain the elements of a recruitment ad to a nonprofit organization, but can be used or modified for many ads. Follow these guidelines to create your own winning 20-second recruitment ad slot:

  • Enter the message in one or two paragraphs at a double distance
  • Time is yours while reading fast but steady speed (takes 20 seconds longer)
  • Start the "intrusion" process by eliminating all , which is not central and relevant to the basic message
  • Use FEWER words to wrap the effect
  • Delete as many useless words and phrases as possible (for example, to as a result, etc. )
  • Think as badly as possible to use less words (for example, "do you lead you" "Do you have leadership skills?"
  • The use of less syllable words (eg: the previous illustration uses 5 syllables for the "leader", compared to the 10 wordists in alternate form "for the general public"
  • Name the attributes, skills, knowledge, or abilities you need
  • Mention (19459008) to serve, help etc.
  • Tell your body's name at least 3 times
  • Tell me (19459008) We recall the benefits community service bullet on their resume ]
  • Tell the phone number you want to call [19659005] Please mention contact name
  • Enter more from the website (if the organization has one)
  • Set the timer and read the message clearly but at a more standard rate
  • Continue to puncture, eliminate, or replace words until it reaches its goal

An example of an effective 20-second radio recruiting ad I wrote for a nonprofit organization seeking volunteers for the mentors of the endangered students. Compare the end product to the suggestions in this guide to find out that each item is completely addressed.

Example of an effective 20-second radio announcement for a nonprofit organization:

"Dear you

Do you need

Do you need it

Become a (

Successfully Listed Success

Build Again – Join ( Name of Organization )

Call (19459008) Contact Name (19459007) 555-1212 or . "

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