My Free T-Mobile Gray RAZR

The best things in life are free, revenge. Or is this a song? Anyway, this tape is about the new gray RAZR mobile phone I bought for T-Mobile … if the "bought" is the right word for something I got for free.

I still remember when the RAZR came out about a year ago. You can not miss it. The thinnest mobile phone. The most fashionable mobile phone. The ads were everywhere and the hype almost wanted me to get anything. However, now that the marketing powder is full, the remainder will remain a beautiful, slim, lightweight and stylish device that delights the use and pleasure of their own.

So please release yourself as I describe what I like about my T-Mobile RAZR – and you'll probably see that this modern classical calls for so many people and can attract you.

The "Soft" Technology of the RAZR Mobile Phone

I'm one of those guys who really appreciate the technology, but without it being too. Yes, I really like the fact that most of the things are equipped with a user guide but with the equivalent of the three semester hours I just say how many MHZs optimize the TI OMAP processor or how many KBPS and MBPS I can run out of a GPRS- against a gWiFi.

So this cute technology is one of the first things I've been highly appreciated about the new RAZR. The owner behaves as if you were sitting at a table with a friend who spoke to you technically without ever having a glimpse of you – enough in detail to understand what you are talking about without flooding you.

Technology acquired through T-Mobile RAZR technology is something that is generally appreciated on the "no" side of most technical division of genres. For example, this phone will have a digital camera that will produce short videos. There is no need to find the menus and files in the labyrinth of the menus and files: it is there as soon as the phone is switched on under the subtitle, which appropriately says "camera". Press this button and the phone display will be a digital LCD; press again and click the button. This is the sort of easy-to-use you love, and that's just an example of the kind of control you get with T-Mobile RAZR.

With T-Mobile RAZR I also got a very useful Bluetooth wireless service. This was a service I did not use, but since I was free, I thought "what the hell." But I found it to be extremely useful, especially when I lead – I live in the states where cops can pull themselves while driving while driving. With this Bluetooth headset you do not have to take care of the wires or take the phone with me when I charge the pump and talk – in style. Which brings the area where the RAZR is virtually odd. The T-Mobile RAZR Style

If there's one thing that many of today's consumer products do not like, they have the cheap, plastic look that's almost used once. With RAZR, you will be replaced by a classic satin-finished aluminum alloy that gives this mobile phone something permanent and realistic.

And of course, the RAZR will find out how thin it is – a year after the market and after introducing some copycat products – this mobile phone is still shining in this section as the real one. Besides the fashion statement, RAZR is also a practical tool. This mobile phone disappears in your jeans & # 39; in the front pocket, without losing its appearance, so you do not really need a holster.

The unique features of T-Mobile RAZR

What T-Mobile RAZR has chosen, as opposed to the other mobile phone carrier, is the type of plans that it comes with. Especially in T-Mobile's exclusive myFaves service, the new T-Mobile RAZR is compatible (not all phones, especially older ones).

MyFaves includes essentially five phone numbers outside the phone to call and receive calls for free, from time to time, call frequencies or five connections in the country. With the standard T-Mobile myFaves plan, you can do this on top of most free network calls that are offered by most service plans.

From a practical point of view, this means that this myFaves plan allows me to give and receive most cell phone calls for free and keep minutes of plans for strange phone calls to other parties – it's a lot easier to keep conversations. By the way, I let my five contacts know that they are on myFaves list, so they know they can call without being scared of the number of minutes of conversation.

Summary: I'm delighted with the new T-Mobile RAZR. For a mobile phone that is certainly not the "latest", I'm delighted that T-Mobile, such as T-Mobile, is willing to keep up to date with useful features, such as the myFaves Plan Option. My only wish is that the same phone came with an iTunes player – since I'm dependent on my music – but as the saying goes, you do not know everything. Or was this song?

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