MP3 players and cars – How to stream music through the car stereo to iPod FM transmitter

When you play your iPod through car speakers, there are frequent problems. Typically, there is no docking station on the stereo that accepts your iPod or MP3 player. Fortunately, you have some options to solve this problem and each has its own limitations. Solutions include FM Transmitters, Cassette Adapters, Fixed FM Modulators, In-Line Ports, or RCA Ports. Some people get a much better sound while others are static and dull. This author intends to discuss the benefits and limitations of all possible options.

The simplest and cheapest option to use an FM transmitter. Two types of FM transmitter: wired and wireless. Basically, a wired is connected to the car while using the radio frequency radio to play on the car's stereo. The basic function of these devices is to run a plug from your iPod and pick up a signal from car radio stations. The split frequency is very low and it only operates between stations 88.1 FM to 107.9FM. Which station does not pick up the sound coming from the FM transmitter.

There is a possibility to increase available stations, but the FCC rules and rules do not allow. The FCC does not allow FM transmitters to provide more than 18.75 nanoves, ensuring that they will not work well. In essence, it creates its own low-power radio station. Regrettably, they compete with large radio stations that have 6,000+ watts of music pressure. This MP3 player and radio station may blend into a distorted clutter. One of the most popular FM transmitter types is Belkin TuneCast II.

Strong, versatile, and clearly embracing many radio frequencies. FM radios, though they provide clear, audible sound, can not reach the standard that the music purists welcomed. As such, this is not necessarily the ideal solution for audiophiles. FM radio stations never sound the same as a CD or MP3 player. Fortunately, I'm going to get $ 30 for a piece that makes this popular choice.

When purchasing FM transmitters, you want to see if the battery is running or is plugged into the car's cigarette adapter. Both work well, but plugged into the car's cigarette adapter, allowing iPod charging while playing music. Cigarette lighters sometimes come with cradles. The cradle is a good way to hold and charge MP3 players at the same time. The Genie is a complementary Flex Pod FM transmitter with a flexible neck cradle that allows for customizability.

Newer transmitters have PSL technology; a positive station provides high-quality sound and reduces drift when traveling from city to city. Most of the time, if not, all newer versions will show you which station you want to paste on LCD. For example, such as the Road Master Corp remote control for ease of operation and control.

Another option is to purchase an audio cassette adapter for your iPod. Basically, there is a cable that connects to the headphone jack of the MP3 players and leads to a cassette. Insert the cassette into the car cassette player (if any) and turn it off. The disadvantage is that not many cars have cassette players anymore. The sound quality is much better than the wired FM transmitter because there is no interference between other radio stations. Sony Cassette Adapters are also very inexpensive and cost up to $ 10 from Philip or other major brands.

The wired FM modulator eliminates crushed radio frequency waves when playing iPod music. They interrupt radio waves from their antenna and radio. It only requires minimal installation and replaces a wire to the car's stereo antenna. Then you can run the cord into the MP3 player's headphone jack. It's much simpler than it sounds and it's approx. Takes 5 minutes.

The modulator is versatile, runs on all FM frequencies. It is better to select a station at the beginning or end of the frequency range of the FM station. Crutchfield has many fixed FM modulators. Using the FM modulator, there is much less noise and zero interference from radio stations. These are cheap, typically $ 15 for a decent model from Crutchfield or other electronics stores.

The simplest and easiest to install the car stereo with a built-in port. Most new models have this feature. This is a small jack on the car radio. Simply insert the cord into the iPod headphone socket and the other end of the cord into the stereo input socket. Set up the stereo accessory and be ready for a quality MP3 sound. If the car does not have a line input port, you can buy $ 100 a new stereo with this connector. Purchasing a new radio is simply a wasteful line-through and not the optimal solution for the budget.

The new car stereo, especially the RCA port with CD player, has its rear. You can run a wire through the MP3 player's headphone jack directly into the RCA port. You can purchase a RCA headphone jack for a few dollars in any electronics store. These cables are of different sizes and lengths depending on the car's stereo and distance.

Ask your local electronics store for the size and length of the car's stereo. To install, you need to remove the radio and look for the red and white inputs on the back. Connect the wires to the RCA jacks and play your music perfectly with your iPod or MP3 player. All you have to do is set the radio to "CD" or "auxiliary" sound and move away.

Keep in mind that there are many options for your iPod or MP3 player and you will know what your budget is and what features your car stereo can help you make a sound decision. You also need to make sure that the MP3 player is compatible with the product, the new iPhone 3G is not compatible with older FM transmitters. It may be more than just an optimal choice, so it's your electronics store to make sure you get what you need.

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