Mobile Simulation Failure – Reasons and Solutions

"Insert Sim", "Check Sim", "Sim Registry Error"

When this type of message appears on your mobile phone, the problem may be from either the SIM card or the phone. The next steps will help you determine the source of the problem and then help you deal with it.

Remove the SIM card and try to start it on another phone while another Simet is from the same network and try the phone. This simple step will determine where the problem comes from.

First, make sure that the SIM card is properly inserted with its gold plated contact / metal chip located on the SIM connectors on the phone. In other words, you have to adjust the correct position in the Sim Slot and, if necessary, close.

The damaged SIM card presents this problem. This may be a sim-swap / replacement solution to solve the problem.

Sometimes when the SIM card is old, worn or abused, this problem may appear. In this case, you can place a small folded paper on the SIM card before the battery can be inserted. This exerts some pressure on the card, enabling it to maintain proper connection with the SIM connectors on the phone.

A dirty SIM card may also be a problem. The solution for cleaning is a damp cloth with a soft, mentholated chain. A pencil can also be used for cleaning. If some fluid entered the phone, the sim IC would be damaged. Cleaning or replacing ICs can solve the problem

If the problem is with the phone, any of the following may make the trick

If the phone is plugged into a SIM card for a particular service provider, open the SIM card. If you can not open the code from the Internet, take it for a certified technique.

You can open the phone and locate loose soldered parts around the connectors / SIM slot. If this is the case, repair a certified technician

This problem occurs when the SIM connectors are not properly inserted into the slot. Take a tap and drag all the settings. The Simbase handset needs setup.

Check the screws on the phone. If they are not close, the card can not read the SIM card because there is no proper connection between the SIM card and the phone's SIM connectors.

In some cases, telephony software updates can do the trick and even troubleshoot

If the above steps could not solve the problem, call the phone to an authorized technician for a possible "jumper" treatment

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