Mobile Phones – Usage and Abuse

The invention of mobile phones, the development of high-end smartphones with many popular and interesting features, easy access to the consumer market and affordability, guarantee that almost every person we meet is a phone. These mobile phones are manufactured in different countries by different brands in bulk; the prices of SIM cards are extremely favorable on this day, and it takes full advantage of fully functional mobile phones. As more and more companies from mobile providers are coming forward and providing connections and SIM cards at very affordable prices, it is very clear that almost every person is trying to keep a mobile phone.

the greatest and most useful inventions of mankind. Previously to people about letters, computers, etc. They had to depend on other parts of the world, but they were not always available. Mobile phones help people stay connected with others in different corners of the world. For those looking for cruel gadgets, cell phones are exactly what they need. Even the tech-minded consumer is not disappointed: mobile phones can still find the coolest new features and functionality such as web clients, various gaming strategies for mobile gaming, voice and video recorders, MMS or multimedia messaging services, email clients, document scanners, PDAs or personal digital assistant services, streaming and video clips, video calls, music players, etc. The prices are exactly the same and these features are just what you need on your phone.

But there is another darker and more serious page for the story. The widespread use of mobile phones has been severely misused for young people, anti-social organizations, terrorists and other criminals. Camera phones that use MMS-enabled devices make unauthorized explicit photos, create and spread pornographic videos. Furthermore, as SIM cards are readily available and there is no proper means of fully recording records, terrorists use these phones badly for various activities.

The young generation is so committed to sending SMS, telephoning, and spending most of their time in the virtual world in the real world being gradually socially poorly equipped and oppressive. This leads to communication problems and causes disturbances as always busy texts and texts being received.

Mobile phones are both a blessing and a victim. We use it responsibly and serve as a blessing for the rest of our lives and beyond.

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