Mobile Phones for the Deaf – Only Data Transfers

For the deaf or those who have significant hearing loss, cell phones are still a great way to stay in touch. By selecting hearing aid compatible mobile phones, people with mild to moderate hearing loss can often use these hands-on communication tools, especially when adding a tie, amplifier, or an induction coupler known as Hatis. For people with deaf or severe hearing loss, it is critical to use text messaging and voice dialing is frustrating or useless. In such cases, paying costly voice plans can not be interpreted in any way if an individual can only use data functions.

Fortunately, some of the major US mobile operators currently offer only plans that can be purchased without any voice guidance. T-Mobile offers Sidekick Data Plan, offering unlimited email, messaging, web surfing and instant messaging for just $ 29.99 / h. AIM is installed on the phone and users can download Yahoo! Messenger program. Users can synchronize up to 3 POP3 e-mail accounts to their mobile phones and have 6 MB of free space with a free account. If necessary, voice calls are charged at 20 cents per minute.

Offers the AT & T iPhone Text Accessibility Plan (TAP). This plan includes unlimited SMS messages, unlimited data usage (email and web), and visual voicemail for $ 40 / month. Any voice call costs 40 cents per minute. The AT & T site indicates that potential users need to complete the Disability Certification Form, sign up for regular iPhone activation via iTunes, and contact the AT & T National Disabled Customer Center to change their service the iPhone TAP Plan. Rarities are also available in Alaska and in the western parts of the USA.

Sprint provides the Sprint Relay Data Plan. This $ 29.99 / month plan provides unlimited email, internet access, instant messaging, home text messaging (SMS) and unlimited dial-up modem. Incoming and outgoing calls are blocked to avoid undesirable costs. This block can be removed by the user and voice calls are then 20 cents per minute for local calls and 40 cents per minute. Users can only get this plan through

US Cellular offers many data transfer plans. There is a "Standard Wireless" plan of $ 24.95 per hour, providing unlimited text messaging and, if needed, 25 cents / minute voice calls and 69 cents per minute for roaming. For those who are interested in a non-contractual plan or credit check, they also offer a prepaid plan. This $ 24.95 / month plan gives users unlimited text messages, but each voice call costs 50 cents per minute and 69 cents when roaming.

For those who require additional data services, US Cellular offers a Blackberry plan that provides unlimited SMS for messaging for $ 14.95, email and web service for an additional $ 44.95 / month. Any voice call is charged at 99 cents per minute. Users will not only receive text messages, but Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk Messenger and Blackberry Messenger, as well as a 10-person POP3 email account. The final offer is the Windows Mobile Plan, providing unlimited text messages at $ 14.95 / month, Windows Mobile email and web for $ 29.95. Users receive the Microsoft operating system by browsing Internet Explorer, MSN Instant Messenger, and can connect up to 8 messaging and e-mail accounts.

Data is only designed and there are certainly at least some options; Mobile phone-based communication is a more affordable way for the deaf and the hearing-impaired

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