Mobile Phones: Boon or Bane!

Despite the growth in fixed-line telecommunications services, cellular networks have rapidly spread to the world for less than 20 years!

It's exciting and awesome to observe the tendency for technology to penetrate into our lives and our system.

Our Mobile Phone is a serious threat to our security. First of all because of the type of addiction that we have been developing with these tools from time to time, and also because this addiction can be a suspicious target of an anti-social mind. During the London bombing, 07/07/05 mobile networks were banned by authorities who tried to prevent the use of these types of threats. The 2004 Madrid bombing was launched by a mobile phone !

This does not give us an insight into the technology can be equally dangerous!

Recently, with the availability of mobile phones with a new camera, serious debts triggered privacy intrusion. People are often caught up and mingled with the inexperience of other people's personal lives. How good is it to empower a massive device like a camera, it is understandably often linked to cancer and tumors. Even if this is ignored by mobile phone users! The number of road accidents due to "conversation in driving" is growing rapidly and the heart's failure to bear the consequences of neglect.
It is very reasonable to make the most of our technology enriching our lives. But that disappointment is our intelligence to let us become a slave to the same technology.

Mobile Phones .

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