Mobile Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile phones are an inventive invention of the past century. If we look at it a few years ago, we did not consider the mobile phone, but we considered it a luxury that was available to one minute of people. It was not affordable to anyone and was owned by high class or business people. But before, life looks no cell phone. Nobody can imagine a life without a cell phone. Many do not leave without their home. No matter what age, people in the global village are being added to the mobile phone.

In such a short time, there are thousands of reasons behind its popularity, but primarily because mobile phones can no longer be considered as handhelds but are transformed into a technology that offers different technologies such as GPS, music player, PDA and many more. Manufacturers coming from all over the world, almost every week, introduce a new model that best fits their lifestyle.

A large number of people find this to be a convenient tool for interacting with others. At a glance you can contact anyone around the world. Nowadays, mobile phones are constantly refreshed so they can enjoy many new features. With the mobile model, you can easily watch the TV on the handset, play a huge amount of gaming, browse, receive or send via email, send 3D images, keep important appointments and appointments through reminders, complete descriptions and more contacts .

In simple words, the mobile phone is the need of every human being. Nowadays the demand is transformed into fashion. People choose expensive mobile devices to see others. All phones have the ability to personalize your phone. # 39; through which users can easily set the phone to the environment or to the taste.

You meet many parents who give their children a mobile phone. This is not because they want to offer their new technology to their children, but the most important reason for their safety. Your mobile phone proves to be the best source of protection in an emergency.

Everything has its pros and cons, and the mobile phone has disadvantages. The following few drawbacks are the cell phone:

1. Health Issues: According to the latest research, radiation from the cellular phone results in blurred vision, earache and headache, and may even lead to cancer.

2nd No privacy: If somehow your cell is bad, it will lead to some difficulty; unless strong passwords are placed that can not be easily paused with software.

3rd Mobile Phones and Drives: Mostly, the accident occurs due to negligence, and the most important reason is the use of mobile while driving.

No matter what the disadvantage of using a mobile phone, the pros are simply countless. These benefits make people addicted to cell phones.

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