Mobile phones – a demand for mobile phones

We have grown so much on mobile phones that without them, it seems we're not complete? I mean, how many times did you leave home without your cell phone? I know that I myself personally do not ever leave home without my phone, even though most days I do not need it much. So why can not we find that these little aids do not exist?

Different Views

I grew up in my pocket with my cell phone as a youngster. My mother is just the opposite. He grew up on the street side using payphones. He likes a man whose age does not fit today's society where mobile phones are as far away as a arm or a leg.

My brother and I decided to buy a new mobile phone for Christmas and I think we got it in return? Tears !! True, my mother was so angry in the present that we had told him to have led to tears. He said and quote: "I do not want to, I do not have to get rid of me!" I could not understand why he did not want to be in possession of a new mobile phone, a phone that was much better then mine than that. That's why I decided to find out why he was so angry that I got a mobile phone and that was the answer – "Because I must learn to use it now!" Sounds crazy for you and me, what are young people? Nevertheless, I thought of it and ultimately completely understandable.


I have a word for my mother, a techno fool, and basically people who seem to have missed the latest technology. It seems that many elderly people (I do not think that old, middle-aged!) They have started so hard to use the many modern technology that really hurt to try it! 19659004] This is what my mother did. She was so scared to learn to use her new cell phone that she really teased. Later, I realized that the fact that he was afraid of not knowing what to do when someone called him important was to have the wrong button pressed? 19659004 The "techno fool" and I was wondering if I would get this tag in the future, and though my initial answer was "not"! Later I realized that it was inevitable. I mean what's going to look like a cell phone in 10, 20 or 50 years or what mobile phone plan is going to be made available ? It really scares me, maybe not tears, but scares me!

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