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Most people do not realize how fast mobile mobile technology moves today, it seems to grow exponentially. As we study all new apps and features with all new tools, we see that these improvements have no stops. The question; or are you in or out? You're going to take these new technologies and applications with you, or you're afraid of them. Are you sure you trust these innovations? What about data protection, hacking, what about the future?

Let me introduce some examples to show you how fast things are in smart phone space. They are up to date as this week; personal tech articles in the smart mobile phone industry. The first article I found in, an article titled "See This: Make a Deposit for a Photo", Andrew Vanacore – AP Business Writer / February 23, 2010 In this article the author states: 19659002] "In the near future, you may not even need to go to a bank or ATM to deposit a check, just make some photos with your cell phone, and other gadgets from the USAA, which is primarily for military veterans and provides banking services. "

With this personal mobile intelligent mobile phone technology, it explains that banks such as Chase, B of A and Citibank all use this technology to propose the author of the article and present this technology in 2010. The concept is termed "remote placement," and where it looks like a great technology and user-friendly concept, we must call on mobile users to release secret codes used by hackers, especially to encrypt such devices.

Scary things for those who use such applications, but would in fact make it easy to make electronic wire deposits? Of course, if you are interested in mobile phone banking, should we suggest buying a window in real time via your mobile phone? There is no point in shopping to throw more, just walk out the window, even if the business is closed and you buy the purchase and that's yours and we'll send it to your home. Buy Online While Buying

One of the latest articles in the New York Times explains everything. Title of article; "Mobile Phones Allow Customers a Point, Click, and Purchase" Stephanie Rosenbloom – Released February 26, 2010 The author explains how consumers can use their mobile phones from the retail store window in the window; Wow, this is good now.

Wow, what's the concept, all through smart phone technology. And this is something that will definitely be a buzz for buyers and mobile phone users. Okay, what about Skype smart phone calls? Yes, this is also available now; TopNews Online India and the article titled "Samsung embeds Skype", set up by Jimmy Peterson on Saturday, February 27, 2010. – 12:25. The article explored the impressive growth of Skype's use features on various smartphone devices as if it were the international standard for all mobile phones in the future. Panasonic and LG are already offering this and this has been a great success in the EU and Asian markets.

As soon as a company introduces a new function, the others seem to follow. Just because Apple or Google has a new application does not mean that the industry will not have a standard feature on all smartphones like digital cameras, video clips, and so on. Certainly, technologies or applications may have different patents, software, hardware, but essentially every company will offer all applications.

Competitiveness of industry naturally worsens, as 100 million millions of Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian, African and South American devices face it, it's a mobile-wired world. In fact, an MB Manila Publishing Company online version is another article; "Report: Global telephone sales grew by 8% in the fourth quarter," Melvin G. Calimag wrote on February 27, 2010 at 14:19, explaining that smart phone sales will rise by nearly 25% in 2009 , and may even double in 2010. [19659002] Moreover, I would say this is an exciting time in the mobile intelligent personal tech sector, you might want to upgrade and embark on and enjoy some incredible applications that are monthly, even in a few cases a week. Why not consider updating your cellphone smartphone device and new cell call plan? Please consider this because Online Think Tank is there.

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