Mobile phone popularity

If you ask someone to name a thing that is indispensable in your life outside your computer, then in most cases the answer you get is a cell phone. Mobile phones have simply revolutionized people's communication. Earlier, when he was on the road and had to contact someone, he had to find a phone call to make a call. Phone booth availability is not guaranteed everywhere; Public telephone booths also encountered bad connectivity problems. If you need to contact a person on the other side of the world, you have to call ISD calls from the phone booths, etc. But now the problem of communication is solved because mobile phones provide flexibility to take anywhere in the world anywhere at any time. Now that mobile phone prices have fallen, as they come from many brands of globally bulk production, imports of cheap mobile phones, etc. More and more people can afford to buy them. Even the highest level smartphones that offer the most gentle functions today.

Electronics and telecommunications researchers acknowledge these excellent phones. The days when "mobile phones" bought the images of thick, heavy black and white phones with minimal functionality were over. Nowadays, mobile phones have extremely high performance and fast processors, which are almost similar to the tables 5-6 years ago. With the exception of standard rechargeable batteries, keyboards, SIM card slots, call origination, and text messages, these phones have other features such as MMS or multimedia messaging services, email clients, web clients, PDAs or Personal Digital Assistant Services Streaming and Video, Video Calls, High Performance Digital Cameras, Voice and Video Recorders, Mobile Gaming Gaming Platforms, Document Readers, Music Players, WiFi Connections, Bluetooth, Infrared, Memory Card Reader, PTT, Dual Line etc. . and more companies are coming to design mobile phone applications and other features that separate their products from others and offer other brands for their money.

This widespread use of mobile phones also had an adverse effect on society and public health. As mobile phones work with electromagnetic radiation, people are suffering brain damage, tissue decompensation and other problems because they are constantly affected by these radiation. In addition, thanks to the use of the mobile phone, communication interruption and express videos and all of them have been distributed.

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