Mobile phone care Dos and no

I've heard every book in the book about phones being damaged, swimming from the lead to the bathroom, leaving a hot training bag under a baseball game. Of the 10 people every year, they replace their phones every 7, and most do not carry the minimum insurance offered by all carriers. The tips below are tips that you can use to better protect your cell phone. Most people do not realize they get a huge discount on their phone when they come up with new service. For replacement of a damaged phone, you must earn a minimum of $ 100 without insurance or renewal of the contract. Do you think it will end and go to another carrier? Keep in mind that the $ 150 and $ 200 pre-expiration royalties and the final bill twice per line change your mind.

* Do not drop, throw, sit

* Do not expose your phone to extreme temperature changes

* Do not expose your phone to water or other (Includes car and sweat cup holder)

* Do not chew, do not leave pets or children on the antenna or other parts of the phone. This includes licking, spitting.

* Do not leave the charger for more than 12 hours on a home charger and one hour on a car charger, do not plug your phone into the car charger while the ignition is switched on. This may cause battery short

* Be sure to turn on the phone at least once a day and leave St. Louis Metro to re-register the towers and make sure you keep all the updates for your phone.

* Do not put money into your wallet if you bring cosmetics, fragrances, lotions or oils. They may leak and touch the phone.

* Protect your phone in a case, especially when working in a damp, cold or dusty environment. The phones are designed like glasses like eyeglasses, very delicate objects and expensive to replace or repair.

* If you have a SIM card in your phone, do not try to use features that are not like the internet, it can close the SIM card and replace it and lose all the information stored.

Please do not forget to do something to damage your phone. always finds out not to waste anybody to discover it.

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